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Tourist information

There are many attractions around the hotel

  • There are many attractive places around Lake Hamana.
    We will introduce events where you can see seasonal flowers and places where you can buy delicious souvenirs!
  • Voice tour guide app "Goozen"

    A voice guide that supports sightseeing in Lake Hamana.
    Enjoy your trip with your favorite time and route.
    Because it is equipped with GPS, it can be used even in places where the Internet does not reach.
    If you launch the app and go out to the city, your current location will be displayed and you will be notified when you are nearing a recommended spot. Guide with voice, photos and texts like an art museum.

    ▶ ︎100% offline No internet connection required
    ▶ GPS voice guide
    ︎ Supported languages English / Chinese (traditional) / Japanese
    ▶ ︎Available area, Around Lake Hamana Kanzanji Onsen·Hamamatsu Flower Park

Around Kanzanji Onsen

  • Hamanako Palpal

    "Hamanako Palpal" is an amusement park where you can enjoy more than 20 types of attractions.The pool is also open in the summer.The “Palpal Family” created by the author of “Anpanman” and by Takashi Yanase is popular with children and adults alike.
    【From the hotel】1 minute walk
  • Kanzanji Ropeway

    Kanzanji Ropeway is the only ropeway across the lake in Japan. The Swiss-made gondola has a low window position for the barrier-free and feels like walking on the water. I will forget the passing of time to the spectacular view of Lake Hamana unfolding in front of my eyes.
    【From the hotel】About 3-minute walk
  • Hamanako Orgel Museum

    In this facility, another world spreads to the tone of the gentle music box.
    On the first floor, there is a music box specialty store with 600 types of products.
    The 2nd and 3rd floors are exhibition rooms, and regular concerts are held from 20 to 30 minutes per hour.
    A historic music box concert selected from all over the world makes the hearts of visitors peaceful.
    【From the hotel】Take the ropeway in about 3 minutes on foot.
  • Fashionable Workshop "Ruber"

    "Decorate" "Healing" as a theme, especially feminine conscious glass, accessories etc. There are plentiful stylish shop.
    In the experience studio in the shop, you can prepare glass, silver, power stone and original items. Why do not you make accessories of "only one in the world" to memories of travel?
    【From the hotel】About 2 minutes on foot

Recommended sightseeing spot in spring

  • Hamamatsu Flower Park

    In spring, 1,300 cherry trees and 500,000 tulips are in full bloom, and you can enjoy beautiful flowers every season. In the early summer, tours are also available that you can watch fireflies.
    【From the hotel】About 10 minutes by car / about 15 minutes by local bus
  • Hamanako Cruise

    Why do not you experience the refreshing spring Lake Hamana with pleasure boats? course, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.
    Feel free to ask us about discounted tickets and timetables available at the hotel front desk.
    【From the hotel】It is approximately 3 minutes by car to Flower Park Port
  • Nagasaka Beehouse

    This honey specialty store is located in the famous orange producing area "Mikkubi". .
    We sell various honey including the original blend honey of passion.
    The recommendations are "honey candy" and "honey margarine".
    【From the hotel】About 40-minute drive

Recommended sightseeing spots in summer

  • Hamamatsu Zoological Garden

    More than 100 species of animals are raised. Above all, "Golden Lion Tamarin" is a rare animal that can only be seen here in Japan.
    Admission tickets for the zoo are also discounted at the hotel front desk.
    【From the hotel】About 5 minutes by car / about 7 minutes by local bus
  • Ryugashido Cavern

    Ryugashido Cavern Cave is the largest cave in the Tokai Region. The temperature inside the cave is 18 ° C all year round, which makes it very cool and comfortable.The force of the 30m high waterfall is amazing. The gelato sold at the shop is also very popular, so please enjoy it.
    【From the hotel】About 30-minute drive

Recommended sightseeing spots in autumn

  • Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika

    About 160 kinds of 4300 fruit trees are cultivated on the vast site.
    There are many ways to enjoy harvesting experiences such as grapes and cherries, observing how many fruits grow, and so on. Let's go to the vast fruit kingdom!
    【From the hotel】About 40-minute drive
  • Ryotanji Temple

    It is a temple that appears in the NHK Taiga drama of 2017, "The lady warlord Naotora".
    The garden is a magnificent garden that has been designated as a national scenic spot, and in the fall you can enjoy matcha while gazing at the autumn leaves. (Reservation required.)The best time to see autumn leaves is from mid-November to early December.
    【From the hotel】About 20-minute drive
  • Okuyama Hokoji Temple

    Hokoji Temple is a historical temple built in 1371.
    The highlights are the stone statues enshrined in the precincts and the architecture of important cultural properties.
    The best time to see autumn leaves is from mid-November to early December, and lights up will also take place.
    【From the hotel】About 40-minute drive

Recommended sightseeing spot in winter

  • Tangerine hunting, Tokura Garden

    You can enjoy picking oranges without a reservation. Tangerines that are bathed in sunlight all year round are very sweet and delicious.
    This farm is in a flat area, so it is safe for wheelchairs and small children.
    【Event dates】Early October - Mid December
    【From the hotel】About 10-minute drive
  • Agurisu Hamanako Strawberry Picking

    You can enjoy Shizuoka Strawberry" with 80 greenhouses lined up on a vast land of about 30,000 square meters.Since it is a vinyl house, it is safe even on rainy days.
    【Event dates】Early December to early May
    【From the hotel】About 10 minutes by car / about 15 minutes by local bus

Recommended tourist spots on a rainy day

  • Hamanako Experience Learning Facility Ulotto

    "Let's see, touch and enjoy Lake Hamana".
    Learn fun things about the living things in the lake. From 13:45 on Sundays and public holidays, you can enjoy divers diving into the large aquarium, feeding fish, and Q & A with divers using the underwater telephone.
    【From the hotel】About 20-minute drive
  • Unagi Pie Factory

    A staple of Hamamatsu's souvenirs is "Unagi Pie". You can tour the factory of "Unagi Pie" for free.
    For the present in the facility and cafés Suites using the Unagi Pie can eat, you can also purchase a variety of Unagi Pie
    【From the hotel】About 10-minute drive
  • Air Park (JASDF Hamamatsu Museum)

    There are airplane displays, a simulator, a theater, etc. It can be enjoyed by not only children and men but also women. Let's feel like a pilot in a comfortable room. free entrance.
    【From the hotel】About 25 minutes by car