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Buffet Dinner

Guidance of special treatment for dinner buffet

  • For guests staying on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), we will give away free tickets for unlimited alcoholic drinks at the dinner buffet.(*part,There are blackout dates)
    Enjoy a delicious hotel dinner with your family, friends and colleagues!

●Dinner buffet date(Until October 31st)

  • ・Friday, Saturday, Sunday(*part,There are blackout dates)

    *Please note that the following dates are blackout dates (not applicable).
    ・Golden week period(4/26 to 5/5)
    ・Obon Season(8/9 to 18)

●Opening Hours

  • ・From 17:00 to 21:00(20:30 last)

●Fare(Including tax and service charge)

  • ■Full schedule(No weekday fee)
    ・Adult(s):5,300 yen ・Senior(65 years of age or older):4,780 yen
    ・Elementary school-aged children:2,850 yen ・Preschoolers(4 years old or older):1,830 yen

    【Kids free benefits】
    ・1 preschool child is free for 2 adults

◆Buffet Dinner◆

  • All-you-can-eat with more than 40 kinds of luxurious menus.
    Family, of course, friends and co-workers
    Enjoy a delicious hotel dinner!
  • 【Live cooking】
    ・Sautéed beef, nigiri sushi, tempura

    【Hot dishes】
    ・Miso-grilled Spanish mackerel sprouts, stir-fried pork, green pepper, and bamboo shoots, boiled gurnard sprouts
    ・Hamburger demi-glace sauce, fried chicken and fried shumai
    ・Pot-au-feu with lots of ingredients, assorted kushikatsu, and fries
    ・Red ginger tartar sauce/fig sauce, fried dumplings, today's pasta, etc.

    【Cold food】
    ・Smoked salmon and beans mixed salad with seafood mayo sauce
    ・Japanese-style salad with sakura shrimp and spring cabbage, smoked duck loin with basil sauce
    ・Firefly squid with vinegar and miso, assorted salad, rape blossoms and bamboo shoots, etc.

    ・Assorted fruit, Petit cake, Ice cream

    【soft drinks/hot drinks】
    ・Cola, melon soda, orange juice, Calpis, white grapes
    ・Oolong tea, iced coffee, iced tea
    ・Hot coffee ・Cafe latte ・Cafe mocha ・Cocoa

All-you-can-drink alcoholic drink menu

  • ・Bottled beer/glass wine(red/White)
    ・Japanese sake, shochu, gin Midori soda
    ・Highball ・Lemon sour/plum wine
    ・Non-alcoholic beer, cassis orange taste
    ・Highball taste, non-alcoholic plum wine
  • Reservations can be made through the reservation site or by phone.
    ●Restaurant telephone reception(9:00 to 21:00)

    Congestion is expected during the event period.
    We recommend to make a reservation in advance.