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Accommodation Plans

Business trip support single plan B-STAY

  • Single Plan/Vacant Room Search

    \\ Hot springs on a business trip // \\ Hot springs by traveling alone//

    How about a single stay that is different from usual?

    To you who work hard ...

    To you when traveling alone is calm ...

    Business-STAY proposed by CITYPLAZA OSAKA.
    If you are tired of the day, relax and refresh yourself at the natural hot springs!

    Relax in the open-air bath with a sense of openness while watching the night sky.
    We also have a dry sauna and a mist sauna for your skin.

    You can experience the relaxation at the hot spring inn while staying in the city.
    Special rate only for the homepage! We offer a great plan by early reservation.

    Save as much as you book early!
    If you have a plan, please make a reservation immediately.

plan to spend only two people(Double Room/Twin Room)

  • plan to spend only two people(Double Room/Twin tomb)

    "Please spend a wonderful time with that important person."

    "Relax with good friends ..."

    "Please enjoy the time when parents and children talk carefully."

    It's good to relax and chat in your room.
    It is good to enjoy the hot springs,
    It is good to visit the city of Osaka based on the hotel.

    Two are better than one.
    Please make wonderful memories.

Family group stay (1 room for 3 to 4 people)

  • Family group stay

    Recommended for small groups of family and friends!

    Up to 4 people can stay in one room
    How about a superior twin (34 square meters)?

    For family trips and homecoming.
    To a good friends girls' association.

    Enjoy an exciting, fun and happy time.

    Homepage reservation only.

    Book early on weekends!

E-Ladies(Limited to Ladies Plan)

  • E-Ladies(Limited to Ladies Plan)

    * + ☆ + * ―― * + ☆ + * ―― * + ☆ + ** + ☆ + * ―― * + ☆ + *

    We have prepared many benefits for women.

    Relax alone!
    -No one gets in the way.Don't take your time for yourself.

    Have fun together!
    -Refresh with friends, mothers and daughters and sisters.

    * + ☆ + * ―― * + ☆ + * ―― * + ☆ + ** + ☆ + * ―― * + ☆ + *
    Homepage reservation only.
    This is an original plan for women only.

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