Guest Room Information

  • Guest Room Information

    Image in the forest, intended for healing effect
    Forest Green, a healing space based on Reef Orange.

    Using indirect lighting effectively, bright and healthy interior.
    There are 200 rooms, mainly single / twin room types.

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Overnight Stay Plan

    Reservation from the website is advantageous!
    Guests of the hotel can use the Natural hot spring large public bath "TEN".

    ■Early Book plan popular for business youth!
    ■Lots of women's benefits! E-Ladies Plan
    ■plan to spend with plan
    ■Group Family plan

    Please use according to your sta tion.

Dear member

  • Dear member

    National Federation of Mutual Aid Associations for Municipal Personnel,
    Other national civil servants and local civil servants and their families (up to the second degree)
    Person can stay at member member fee.

    Apology plan with a half-night meal and others,
    You can also book homepage limited plan.

WEB corporate member

  • WEB corporate member

    WEB corporate members are eligible for preferential rates (homepage reservation only)
    You can stay.For business as well as for leisure
    You can use.

    ※Regarding new membership, we closed the reception.

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