New corona infectious disease measures

  • Our efforts against new coronavirus infection

    CITYPLAZA OSAKA, we consider the health and safety of our customers and hotel staff, and
    In order to receive the service with peace of mind, we are implementing infection prevention measures.

【Osaka Prefecture Corona Vaccination Center users only】Overnight Stay Plan

  • 【Osaka Prefecture Corona Vaccination Center users only】Overnight Stay Plan

    For those who have a vaccination at the Osaka prefectural corona vaccination center (Mydome Osaka)

    Check-in is OK from 7am!
    plan that allows you to stay for up to 28 hours.

    First corona vaccination...
    I'm a little nervous, and when I want to go to the venue with plenty of time,
    After the inoculation, you may want to take a rest and go home.

    *If you request a day trip day use plan,
    Please make a reservation on an external site (Jalan net

Guest Room Information

  • Guest Room Information

    Inspired by the image of the forest, with the intention of healing
    A healing space based on forest green and leaf orange.

    Bright and healthy interior with effective use of indirect lighting.
    There are 198 guest rooms, mainly singles and twins.

Accommodation Plans

  • Accommodation Plans

    Booking from the homepage is profitable!
    Guests can use the Natural hot spring large public bath "TEN".

    ■Early bird plan popular for business use!
    ■A lot of benefits only for women! E-Ladies Plan
    ■plan to spend only two people
    ■Group / Family plan

    Please use according to your situation.

Union members

  • Union members

    National Federation of Mutual Aid Associations for Municipal Personnel,
    Other national and local officials and their families(Up to second degree)
    Can stay at the member fee.

    Thanksgiving plan with half board,
    You can also book a homepage limited plan.

WEB corporate members

  • WEB corporate members

    For WEB corporate members, preferential rate (only for website reservations)
    You can stay.Not only for business, but also for leisure
    Available for use.

    *We are no longer accepting new members.

Reservations / Inquiries

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