I can convey words of gratitude that I am usually shy and cannot say.
I value such a wonderful couple's trip.
Welcome to Fufurotenburonoyado Ginsyou.
Let's go on a "couple trip".

【Official】Ginsyou (Ginsyou)

Welcome to the Fufurotenburonoyado Ginsyou.

When was the last time you traveled as a couple?
Even "I like", "I'm sorry" and "Thank you"
Why can't I be honest?

Thought cannot be conveyed honestly
"Sometimes, let's go on a trip with two people"
Do you feel like you can say this?
It is also a good idea to make the anniversary “good reason”.

A holiday for two people, away from everyday life.
You can do it because you ’re both of you.
Enjoy your free trip at GINSYOU, where you can warm your couple.

Let's go on a "couple trip".

  • A trip proposed by GINSYOU

    A holiday for two people, away from everyday life.
    A free-spirited trip that you can do because you are two people.
    I can convey words of gratitude that I can't say because I'm usually shy
    GINSYOU cherishes such a wonderful trip.

【GINSYOU】Enjoy a memorable trip with one and only hospitality.

  • Location

    If you go outside, you will find "Kinko Bay", which has been selected as Japan 100 scenic views.
    GINSYOU is a hot spring inn with an ocean view facing the sea.
    Speaking of Ibusuki, “Natural Sand Bath Onsen”, which is rare in the world, a warm climate that is easy to spend all year round,
    It is a popular tourist destination for tourists, blessed with the goodness of seamounts brought up by rich nature.
    Come away from the hustle and bustle of the city with your loved ones, and come on a trip to enjoy extraordinary life.
  • Hot Springs

    GINSYOU representative hot spring is the infinity open-air bath "Tenku Open-air Bath" located on the 9th floor of the main building.
    It is a hot spring that shows various expressions depending on the season, weather and time.
    Please enjoy the mysterious feeling as if you were united with the sky and the sea.
    The man Yu was named Haguregumo woman is in hot water Ukigumo
    From check-in until 23:30 in the evening and from 6:00 in the morning.
  • Rooms

    GINSYOU has two main styles: general guest rooms and guest rooms with open-air baths. Various guest room types are available according to the scene.
    Rooms with an open-air bath that can occupy a hot spring are recommended for couples, especially for couples.
    Spend your time while looking out at the sea (Kinko Bay) and the sky in front of you.
    (There is no sea view from the city side guest room)
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【Hot Springs】Tenku Open-air Bath that can unite the sky and the sea

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Traffic information / address

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Hotel Name

Fufurotenburonoyado Ginsyou


5 Yunohama, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 26-29 seaside of Natural Sand Bath Onsen next to

Telephone number



The above phone number is the phone number of “Amakawa Resort Reservation Center”.
※Please set car navigation at 0993-22-3231.
1 to 2 minutes on foot from Sand Bath Hall"Saraku". 4 minutes by taxi or 30 minutes on foot from JR Ibusuki Station.
Parking: Yes (Free)
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Traffic information / address

  • Next to the Natural Sand Bath Onsen beach

    26-29 5 Yunohama, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
    ※Please set car navigation at 0993-22-3231.

Official site only

  • Accommodation reservation benefits

    01."Couple plan" for this site only

    02.500 yen discount coupon for shop, (Available for purchases of 1000 yen or more during your stay)

    03.Serving pre-dinner black vinegar to men (At dinner・Customers over 20 years old)

Tianhe Resort Reservation Center

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.