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Kaike Tsuruya


Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture Kaike Onsen 2-5-1

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Get off at JR Yonago Station, Route Bus Kaike Onsen, get off at the Tourist Center, and walk for 1 minute.

For sightseeing and business

Kaike Onsen is located in the western end of Tottori prefecture, in the Yonago City bordering the prefectural border with Shimane prefecture,
It is a seaside hot-spring resort facing the Sea of ​​Japan.
Of course, sightseeing around the Sakai Minato Kitaro Road, famous peak "Oyama", etc.
It is the best location to enjoy the wide range of Sanin tourims such as Tottori sand dunes, Izumo Oyashiro, and Matsue.
Also, for business use, it is ideal for wide-ranging activities as a base.
  • Kaike Tsuruya Access MAP

  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    Chugoku Expressway Ochiai JCT~Yonago Expressway~Yonago IC~Go straight the R43, and cross the Hinokawa and Kaike Ohashi Bridge and turn right at the 3rd traffic light, and arrive within 5 minutes.

    Access method 2:Tokyo
    10 minutes by car from the hotel Yonago Expressway Yonago IC Route 431 straight line The entrance to Kaike Onsen(In front of the tourist center)


    Winter Yonago Road Chain restrictions
  • For those arriving by airplane

  • Those coming by train

  • Those who come by highway bus