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Hot Springs

One of the most famous hot springs in Sanin

Salt hot spring that springs from underwater
A rich variety of marine minerals
Heal a high moisturizing effect tired body and mind
We will deliver a moment of bliss.

【Kaike Tsuruya's fountain of everyone】

●Source name/Kaike Onsen Chuo Hot Springs Hot Water Tank

●Hot Spring Qualities/sodium·calcium·Chloride fountain(Hypertonic neutral high spring)

●Spring fountain/Source 64 degrees

●Bath Contraindications
Acute illness (especially in the presence of fever),
Active tuberculosis, Malignant tumor, Heavy heart disease, Respiratory insufficiency,
kidney failure, Hemorrhagic disease, Advanced anemia, Other general
Disease undergoing disease, pregnancy (especially early and late stage)

●Bath indication
Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen,
Motor paralysis, Joint stiffness, A bunch, Awkward,
Chronic gastrointestinal disease, Hemorrhoid, Coldness, Recovery period after illness,
Fatigue restoration, health promotion, galling, burns,
Chronic skin disease, Frail child, Chronic lady disease, Arteriosclerosis
【Bathing attention】

• As a rule, those with high levels of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease should not enter hot water (42 degrees or higher) in principle
• Suddenly entering hot hot springs may cause dizziness, etc., so be careful enough
• Avoid bathing immediately before, immediately after meals, and drinking alcohol
• Keep at rest during bathing and take rest for a certain amount of time after bathing
• Bathing as a hot spring treatment should be done under the guidance of a doctor
  • Large Communal Bath

  • Open Air Bath

  • A story starting at Kaike Onsen

    ··Everyone is born again

    Kaike Onsen is the western end of Tottori Prefecture,
    Located in the Yonago City bordering the prefecture border with Shimane prefecture,
    It is a seaside hot-spring resort facing the Sea of ​​Japan.
    beautiful white sand and green pinetrees along the coastline with beautiful white sand and green pinetrees along the coastline
    This hot spring resort, nurtured in the National Park · Oyama, the highest mountain in the Chugoku district,
    Very good location.
    Kaike Onsen will write "Everyone lives".
    Long ago, the souls who flowed as bubbles from the beach of Izumo's Inasa
    Arrived on the coast, the new body and mind resuscitated (Ready =
    I will return from the country of Yomigi)
    Everyone is said to have been born again.
    From this fact, it has become a local to call the Kaike
    There is a legend.
    Kaike Onsen is also popular as a hot spring resort that is longevity for longevity.
  • Kunibiki mythology, Yomigaeri-no-yu, Kaike Onsen

    ··Long ago, a famous hot spring found by fishermen

    Kaike Onsen, Kaike Onsen〇〇A fisherman in the sea in the year
    It is the beginning to discover the hot spring that springs.
    Although it is a relatively hot history hot spring resort,
    Ryokan town is East-West〇〇〇Rice, South and North〇〇It is covered in the range of rice,
    40 sightseeing ryokans / hotels, public accommodations and more,
    It is the largest hot spring resort in the Sanin, which boasts a capacity of 5,000 people.
    Kaike Onsen spring spring water spring is a sodium · calcium chloride fountain,
    The discharge amount is 44 per minute〇〇It boasts liter and plenty of hot water.
    There are 19 sources.
    Source temperature is as high as 64 degrees, the main efficacy is neuralgia,
    Rheumatism, chronic skin diseases, chronic gynecological diseases and so on.
    The effect of salt has drawn attention in recent years, and "Shi- salt hot bathing water" of Kaike Onsen's Kaike Onsen also
    Not only health, beauty effect is also drawing attention

Hot Springs

Kaike Onsen

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 Female: 0 Mixed Bath: 0

Other bath facilities

Observation bath(Conditioned)

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.