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Good trip concierge

Sakai Minato Kitaro Road,
As well as sightseeing such as the famous mountain "Oyama"
Please enjoy sightseeing in Sanin, including Tottori sand dunes, Izumo-Oyashiro and Matsue.

Enjoy the charm of Tottori, bring home the wonderful memories.

There are plenty of various sights such as local attractions from famous tourist spots!
  • Around Kaike Onsen

    • Recommended tourist spots

      Sakai Minato area

      30 minutes by car

      Land of crab and tuna is the "Sakai Minato" in Japan
      A fresh and delicious seasonal fresh fish taken in the Sea of ​​Japan
      It is a popular harbor city that you can enjoy amazingly reasonably.
      As there are fish direct selling centers,
      How about souvenirs of seasonal fish and the earth?
    • Recommended tourist spots

      Sticky slope(Esashima Ohashi)

      10 minutes by car from Sakai Minato Station

      Eboshima Bridge connecting Yatsuka Town, Matsue City Watari Town, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture Watari Town, Sakaiminato City and Yatsuka Town, Matsue City Watari Town, Sakaiminato City across Nakaumi.
      It is a hot topic since the TV commercial of Daihatsu's mini passenger car shot here was broadcast nationwide.
      People photographing a steeply bridged bridge named "Beta stepping slope" on the CM come every day, and it is a little sightseeing.
    • Recommended tourist spots

      Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Hall·Load

      10 minutes on foot from Sakai Minato Station

      A tasteful memorial hall built by refurbishing the 100-year-old history restaurant.
      The powerful full- diorama demon object (art piece), diorama and images are overflowing, and Mr. Mizuki's world can be fully enjoyed in a heavy atmosphere.
      JR Yonago Station (Nezumi Otoko -animation character- Station) departure from 0 Home point to the Sakai Minato by Kitaro Train The departure point of the JR Sakai Line.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Hossho Temple grilled Kaike kiln

      7 minutes on foot

      Yumigahama is a warm pottery made from white sand of Yumigahama, sand iron of Hinokawa, local red clay.
      You can enjoy pottery experiences at a value (2 hours / from 3,500 yen).

      Those who wish need to confirm by telephone by all means.
      TEL 0859-33-2826
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Wagaku Denkakan

      17 minutes by car

      The Umbrellas of Yodoe, which all manufacturers have been out of business in 1984, opened in 1990 as a base for transferring Umbrellas of Yodoe manufacturing technology.
      Edo (time period) demonstrates and sells the manufacturing itinerary of the Umbrellas of Yodoe, which is said to have started in the middle of the Edo (time period).
      We also have experiences of paper glue (advance reservation required) and so on, so you can enjoy it with your family.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Yonago Waterbird Park

      24 minutes by car

      It is the biggest waterfowl park in Japan West that can observe water birds throughout the year on a large site.
      Winter coho swans collective wintering seeking roosts.100 species, more than 10,000 water fowl, ducks and herons can be observed.Facilities in the park include Nature - Center, observation hall, exhibition room, museum shop, etc. for everyone.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Yumihira is a secretarial hall

      22 minutes by car

      "yumihamagasuri"yumihamagasuri"was designated as a traditional craft of the country in 1975 and was designated as Prefectural Designated Intangible Cultural Property in 1978.Since the gallery is also built in the facility, it is possible to visit general customers.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Kaike Beach Park

      5 minutes on foot

      It is a park complete with playground equipment that you can enjoy with children. There is a promenade which continues from Kaike Onsen, you can see Oyama, Mihonoseki and Kaike Beach.
      There is also a covered gateball field, a monument shelter and a southern house in the park so we can do a small break.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Sea breeze foot bath

      5 minutes on foot

      opening Kaike Hot Springs was built in commemoration of the 110th anniversary of opening Kaike Hot Springs"Sea breeze foot bath" in a corner of Kaike Beach Park.You can enjoy a different footbath while watching the sea from the footbath.Please enjoy relaxing foot bath while taking a warm sunlight on sunny day.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Great catch market

      25 minutes by car / 5 minutes on foot from Takamatsu-cho station

      Large fishing market with huge Kitaro's landmark.It is a popular spot where fish and seafood, including crabs, can be bought directly.There is also a unique piece named Saku Shigeru Mizuki (author)'s autograph drawing corner and youkai Daifuku.I also recommend restaurants for lunch breaks as there is also a restaurant.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Yume Minato Tower

      25 minutes by car / 5 minutes on foot from Takamatsu-cho station

      Observatory rooms are popular that can enjoy the beautiful view overlooking Oyama and the Sea of ​​Japan.You can also enjoy fishing because the area is famous as a spot of fishing.There is also an open-air bath with a relaxing view while looking at Oyama and the Sea of ​​Japan, so please drop in and visit.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Kaike Hot Springs Swimming beach

      4 minutes on foot

      It is one of the best beach resorts in Japan that has good water quality and is comfortable enough to be selected as "Japan's Best 88 Swimming Beaches".It is also recommended to walk on the beach where the dragonfly phenomenon is seen, in the cold air which is well clear from autumn to winter as well as the sea bathing season.The melody of the sea shield, the sun rising from Oyama to the Country of Izumo myth, and fishing fires of the fantastic squid fishing boat sparkling on the horizon at night, and various expressions are shown.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Ikuta Shungetsu

      6 minutes on foot

      A poet born in Yonago, Monument of Ikuta Shungetsu.Worked as a poet, translator, novelist and critic from the end of Meiji time period to the early Showa era, the poetry "Autumn of the soul" and "Spring of sentiment" were recognized, and he gave a great achievement in introduction and research of Heine.It is also a person who praised that Hagiwara Sakutaro was "Lighthouse for Japan's poetry world".
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Triathlon statue

      5 minutes on foot

      Kaike Onsen is the birthplace of Japan's triathlon.The first official event was held in Hawaii in 1978 and three years later, Japan's first triathlon tournament was held on the Kaike Hot Springs Beach setting Kaike Hot Springs Beach.A lot of people visit the tournament every year.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Kamo River·Nakaumi(Pleasure boat)

      14 minutes by car

      A sightseeing boat sailing around Yonago's downtown atmosphere flourished as a merchant.Starting from the near Tenjinbashi Shirakaba Soso, departing from the former Kamogawa near Tenjinbashi, you can enjoy the scenery of a famous downtown.And the ship will head towards Nakaumi, and it will be a wonderful voyage while watching the horizon with the visibility rising at a stretch.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

      21 minutes by car

      We collect and display works of Mr. Shoji Ueda, a world-class photographer from the region.
      Building built in rural landscape that hides Shidehama Oyama is based on the design by Shin Takamatsu, representative of Japan, its design is also excellent.Concrete concrete and nature play a brilliant match, and its presence remains in memory at a glance.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Kaike Hot Springs Shrine

      6 minutes on foot

      Kaike Hot Springs Shrine Great Powers who are the gods of the Kaike Hot Springs Shrine of Kaike Hot Springs Shrine are major medical specialists, medicine (medicine) and god of marriage.In addition, Kaike Onsen is a wonderful hot spring to be longevityed.As the name of "Everyone lives", try handling together at this shrine and asking for the longevity of both of you.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Hongu Izumi Springs

      19 minutes by car

      "Hongu Izumi Springs" which has cool air even in the summer is a prefecture-designated prefecture designated as a prefecture that emits 15,000 tons per day.The richness of the water and the pure and tasty things call for its reputation, and those who visit this fresh water from distant are not failing.You can also enjoy a party meal such as rainbow trout raised in Yama no Sato and Hongu Izumi Springs of the Hongu Izumi Springs.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Masa well of Heaven

      26 minutes by car

      It is one of the hundred name water designated as the Environmental Agency, and is famous water representing Sanin.Boasting a spring water of 2,500 tons per day, clear water that reverberates clearly is indispensable to the lives of local people such as living water, agricultural water, rainbow trout cultivation.Kaya-crafted water mill, Azumaya, Promenade, parking lot are in place.
  • Tottori prefecture

    • Recommended tourist spots

      Tottori sand dunes

      97 minutes by car

      When I come to Tottori, I want to stop by Tottori sand dunes.
      San'in Kaigan Global Geopark is located in Tottori sand dunes area of ​​the San'in Kaigan Global Geopark, 2.4 km north and south, 16 km east to west, as you all know, it is the largest sand dune in Japan.
      Please walk through this dunes and enjoy the charm.
      The winds of the Sea of ​​Japan and the winds created by the sand of the dunes attract beautifully hearts of the viewers.
      There are large recessed places called slippers because the shape resembles a mortar in the distinctive topography of sand dunes, especially the big places are as high as 40 meters.
      There are experiences such as sand boards, so it is perfect for families as well.
    • Recommended tourist spots

      Tottori hanakairo

      28 minutes by car

      National Park Daisen largest flower park in the country at the foot of National Park Daisen.
      There are a large greenhouse flower dome with a diameter of 50 meters and a height of 21 meters, and a viewing corridor with a distance of 1 kilometer per lap and 25 meters above the ground, allowing you to watch domestic and foreign flowers blooming all around the year, year round regardless of the season and the weather I will.
      There is also a beer cafe where you can enjoy the beer in the park, which is a facility that you can enjoy in three generations.
      Yonago Expressway who use Yonago Expressway can also take a return trip as it is, so it is also recommended as a stopover destination on the next day of stay.
    • Recommended tourist spots

      Sand Museum

      90 minutes by car

      Tottori's number one sightseeing spot, "Tottori sand dunes" which is a model beauty that nature created after many years.There, create new artistic beauty with the power of people, I want to give people who visit this place impression and excitement that has never been before."Sand Museum" was opened to exhibit "Sand Museum Statue" which is a sculpture work using sand as such thought.We are exhibiting the world's highest level of sand statues produced by Mr. Takahiro Tea.April 2012 The exhibition facilities for the world's first sand statue were developed, and a new "Sand Museum" was born.There is no doubt that it will be impressed by the huge object made of sand.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Muki Banda ruins

      24 minutes by car

      I read it as "Mukibanda" ruins.It is a nation designated designated historic site, and it is a large village trace of the Yayoi (time period) which spans over Daisen Town era Yayoi (time period) which spans over Daisen Town Yonago City and Yayoi (time period) which spans over Daisen Town.It is thought that small and medium-sized "unevenness" in the surrounding area was shaping "Kuni" centered around Muki Banda ruins.Sanin Region's Yayoi seems that there are many valuable materials that will reconsider Sanin Region's Yayoi period statue of the Sanin Region's Yayoi.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Oyama equestrian center

      21 minutes by car

      It is a popular spot where you can feel free riding experience.It is a facility that can be enjoyed thoroughly from beginners to advanced people, and it is open even in winter, so you can enjoy horse riding all year round.Please enjoy a sense of exhilaration running across the fields across the horse.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Oyama Makiba Milk no Sato

      33 minutes by car

      "Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato" of a large panorama that can enjoy the natural beauty of Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato.In nature you can enjoy meals in a restaurant rich in milking cows, making ice cream, using a large menu of milk and dairy abundantly.Also a shop where you can buy souvenirs of sweets made with milk.Special software cream is a reputation.Besides, admission is free!
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Forest country, Oyama Field Athletic

      22 minutes by car

      The site area is the largest in Japan West largest field athletic in Japan West.There are plenty of content that you can enjoy in nature such as mountain bike lending (charged) and orienteering! Experience program is also very substantial.Various programs ranging from making handcrafts, leather crafts and ice creams to making Baumkuchen are recommended for families.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Kurayoshi White Warehouse

      59 minutes by car

      Yonago is the Kurayoshi area that goes from Yonago to Tottori.There are many buildings built in the Edo (time period) period and the Meiji (time period) era, which are lined up along the Tamagawa, and you can still see the surroundings of those days.It is selected as a country important traditional building group conservation area, and it is hearty about the stone bridge over Tamagawa, the townscape with a white plaster wall visible in red tiles, the cityscape where there is an exotic atmosphere somewhere.Walking with a couple is also recommended.It is about halfway from Tottori so it is attractive to drop in before and after sightseeing in Tottori sand dunes.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Oogami Shrine Shrine Okunomiya

      32 minutes by car

      This Okunomiya is the largest authorized shrine in Japan and the front long corridor is about 50 meters on both sides.
      It is a style of mixing Shinto and Buddhism.It is quietly standing near Oyama, and breathing only when visiting many times in its retiniteness and power.It is also a power spot that catches the feeling of Oyama, please visit Okunomiya and absorb the power.Surely, Has that gives me a chance to make a variety of new developments.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with friends and colleagues

      Oyama Golf Club

      33 minutes by car

      "Green Park Daisen Golf Club" is a social gathering place where proud lovers who love golf gather.
      The status house drifting club house has a rough tiled roof's exquisite appearance.Restaurants and bathrooms that overlook the magnificent Oyama all combine the aesthetics and functionality suitable for resort course.
  • Shimane Prefecture

    • Recommended tourist spots


      79 minutes by car

      The royal road sightseeing spot in the Sanin area is this Izumo-Oyashiro.The country of Izumo is known as the country of God, the country of mythology.In "Izumo no kuni", the old shrine still exists everywhere, and its center will be Izumo Oyashiro Otayori) where the core of "Okuninushi Omikami Great Land Master God (Okuninushi Omikami Great Land Master God no Orokami)" is cropped .Okuninushi Omikami Great Land Master God is a god loved by saying "Daikoku-sama (god presiding over food and wealth)".Izumo's National Shrine having enjoyed visiting Izumo's National Shrine, why not try to relax and relax tired at Kaike Onsen.
    • Recommended tourist spots


      40 minutes by car

      About Shimane Prefecture, it is about 38 minutes by car from Kaike Onsen via Sakaiminato.It is famous for 4 pine trees from which folk songs Seki no Gohanmatsu setsu originated.You can overlook Miho Bay, Yumigahama, Nakaumi and Oyama from the observation deck of the summit to the south.Miho-Jinja Shrine nearby is the total headquarters of "Ebisu-sama (god for merchants)" located throughout the country, many shrines and festivals are being held, and about 250 m to Bukkoku-ji Temple is "Aoishi-datami paved street".It is enclosed in a unique atmosphere as if you moved to a different world, you can encounter a retro feeling like the inn of Taisho (time period) era feel like history, old shop soy sauce.
    • Recommended tourist spots


      34 minutes by car

      ADACHI MUSEUM OF ART, which holds about 1,500 masterpieces of contemporary Japanese paintings centered on Yokoyama Taikan.It is also my favorite spot for young service managers who graduate from the art university, and I am extending my legs if I have time.In addition, the Japanese garden of 50 thousand tsubo is also selected as the top Japanese Garden Journal garden ranking by the Japanese garden specialty magazine "Japanese Garden Journal"Japanese Garden Journal United States for the 12th consecutive year.There is free parking lot, and it seems that traveling around art museum around Matsue's art museum is also wonderful!
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Matsue Castle

      47 minutes by car

      The symbol of Matsue, Matsue castle is one of the 12 tombs that are existing in the whole country and is an important cultural property designated by the country.Since it is said that it is the only orthodox castle tower, why do not you look at its indifferent appearance? Meiji (time period) local volunteers were able to repurchase the place that was totally demolished in Meiji (time period) 8, there is a history that I could leave it now.There are 3 museums in Matsue, so it is also attractive to sightseeing route together with it.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with your family

      Yakumo Koizumi Memorial Hall

      48 minutes by car

      It is a memorial hall of Mr. Yakumo Koizumi familiar in school lessons.It is the only independent facility in the world to display and publish the materials of Lafcadio Hearn (Yakumo Koizumi), an Irish writer, an educator, and a journalist known as an introducer of Japanese culture.Although it is in a small facility, we display 200 to several hundreds of centenary items such as favorite items such as favorite desks, chairs, clothes, etc. besides Yakumo's autographed manuscript and first edition book.Also, at the video exhibition, you can enjoy "Life of Yakumo" and a representative work "Hoichi the Earless" (Ghost Story).
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Shimane Winery

      75 minutes by car

      It is a large theme park of local wine along Route 431 about 2 km to the east from Izumo-Oyashiro.In fact, Taisha Town is a famous hometown of the finest house grapes in the whole country.Making use of that good grape, "Shimane Winery" was made in March 1982.Southern European-style building with the background of green mountains, gourmets such as wine as well as Shimane Wagyu and local sweets are enriched! It is a recommended spot for couples and wine lovers.
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Shimane Art Museum

      41 minutes by car

      A museum where you can see the sunset, which is often taken up on TV.Ryusei Kishida, Yasumasa Morimura, Shoji Ueda, Cabanel etc are exhibited.Even if you are interested in art, you can enjoy a dinner while watching the sunset at the restaurant.The setting sun setting in the magnificent lake is exactly a natural art! It is one of the spots you would like to visit if you are traveling on a couple!
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Iron Sculpture Museum

      97 minutes by car

      The Iron Sculpture Museum exhibits works of Mr. Osamu Shimoda who was active in New York, with sculptures of steel monuments.The happy thing is that the entrance is free, with collections totaling 44 points.It is a new symbol of Okuizumo symbolized by "myth and Roman no Sato" "iron culture" where operation is the only one in the world.While listing exhibits as well, museums nestling in nature are wonderful, so it's a bit far away, but worth visiting!
    • Couple enjoyable spots

      Lake Shinji

      43 minutes by car

      Lake Shinji is around the circumference of approximately 45 km, the seventh largest lake in the country, characterized by abundant fish species due to brackish water lake containing salt slightly.Especially Shinjima seven delicacies of Lake Shinji, such as sisimi and white fish, is famous for Matsue representative taste, pushed to the nationwide popularity is "sunset show" on the lake starting from the time the sky turns into madder color.The drama 30 minutes before sunset welcomes Yomegashima a silhouette of Yomegashima that emerges in the sunset that makes the lake red.The impressed scenery is also registered in Japan's Best 100 Sunsets in Japan's Best 100 Sunsets, and at the Shimane Art Museum on the East Coast you can enjoy meals with the sunset.Also, if you are going to take a tour of the Lake Shinji for about 1 hour, you can do "sunset cruising" if it is the last flight of the tour boat boat "Hakucho".The sunset show you desire from a shipboard deck is also a special taste.It is a spot perfect for dating.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with friends and colleagues

      Yasugi Kiyomizudera

      32 minutes by car

      It is an old temple of Tendai sect boasting a history of over 400 years.There are abundant majestic attractions such as Nemotodo temple built in early Muromachi and Nemotodo three storied pagoda only in Sanin.The area covered with trees growing steadily has become a Shimizu Park with beautiful cherry blossoms and maples every season.In addition, at Kiyomizudera here, it seems that guidance of the philosophy, zazen, and nurse is also done, so if you are interested please contact us.
    • Spots that you can enjoy with friends and colleagues


      36 minutes by car

      Peony and Wenzhou ginseng and garden are famous! It is a Japanese garden of garden with a pond in the center where you can watch a variety of flowers with large peony buds and seasons.This is also the deputy shimane prefecture, but its name is known all over the country as a peony blossoming Japanese garden.You can enjoy various seasonal scenery just by taking a walk in the garden in the Japanese garden which shows various faces every season.It seems that you are going on an event on a regular basis, so please check it before going.