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Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine

Delicious Small Portions Kaiseki Meal

  • "There is a lot of kaiseki cuisine at a ryokan, so it's kind of a bit ..." It is an appearance of a recommendation plan for you troubled.
    "I want to eat delicious food that I can only eat in that place"
    We responded to the voice of such customers.
    Please enjoy low-key delicious kaiseki cuisine with plenty of Tottori's ingredients.

Standard seasonal cuisine of the four seasons

  • You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine with plenty of fresh fish and seasonal vegetables in the Sea of ​​Japan.
    It is a standard plan.
    Japanese Beef from Tottori Prefecture a steak from Japanese Beef from Tottori Prefecture, it does not compromise on quantity or quality.
    It is a recommendation meeting cuisine very pleased with the use of couples, families and groups.

Sanin's tasting cuisine cuisine

  • Main of dinner is A5 ranked Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef) steak, also known as high class fish
    Boiled "blackthroat seaperch", fresh fish of the Sea of ​​Japan will be offered by sashimi in a luxurious manner.
    It is a luxurious kaiseki dish where you can fully enjoy both meat and fish.
    Recommended for those who focus on meals.

Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef) beefukka dinner party meal

  • Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef) be certified as a Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef), it is necessary to know the type of pedigree, quality, carcass rating, breeding method
    Only Wagyu who cleared the harsh conditions.Please enjoy such A5 Japanese Japanese Beef from Tottori Prefecture from Japanese Beef from Tottori Prefecture.
    It is a chief chef 's chef' s cuisine cuisine that you can enjoy as luxuriously as you want.
    Please eat deliciously once you have an exquisite balance with fat marbling and lean.

Rare Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef) party meal

  • The eyeball is "Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef) Orein 55" Passion for the mellowness and quality of fat,
    The criterion was that the content of oleic acid in beef fat was 55% or more
    It is a very rare Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef) with few shipments.
    Please enjoy delicious brand frozen wagyu beef boasted by Tottori.
    Taste this opportunity.

Chief Chef Special Seasonal Cuisine

  • We used the highest grade ingredients abundantly
    The chief chef 's whole body gems line up.
    We are offering only to those who stay in the suite.
    Of course, not only the taste, but also the gorgeous specialty cuisine of the appearance
    My stomach and mind are satisfied.

Passion for cooking

  • Spirit of the four seasons to make use of craftmanship techniques

    Direct fresh fish from Sakai Minato
    Local vegetables grew up at the foot of Oyama.
    We prepare various seasonal ingredients for each season we have selected carefully.

Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef)

  • Polished high-quality meat quality

    Edo (time period) the production area of ​​Wagyu from the Edo (time period)
    Tottori, a good beef has been inherited.
    Transparent colors,
    Sweet and fragrant Wagyu ka,
    Its taste is soft
    I can trod you in the mouth.

Sakai Minato, Direct season fish

  • Excellent freshness, Sea food in the Sea of ​​Japan

    At the Sakai Minato boasting the largest amount of landing in Japan in the past
    I grew up in the sea of ​​the Sea of ​​Japan
    You can enjoy the best seasonal fish.
    Tuna · crab · blue fish · squid etc
    You can enjoy various flavors for each season.

Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice)

  • It was brought up in the majestic nature of Tottori
    Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice),
    Excellent nutrition balance,
    Characterized by solid taste and stickiness,
    Excellent in all gloss and appearance.
    For those who want to enjoy the taste of rice
    It is a gem of recommendation.


  • A nice day from a delicious breakfast

    In addition to the seasonal miso soup of local fishes and crabs
    Overnight drying of 鰈, seasonal cooked together, etc.,
    We have a pure Japanese breakfast.
    Egg dishes that you can not miss in the morning are comfortable.
    Of course, rice uses Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice) from Tottori Prefecture's Koshihikari (rice).
    The refill is free of rice and miso soup.
    Enjoy a nutritious, body-friendly breakfast.

Sakai Minato direct delivery! Sea of Japan’s Flounder Ichiya-boshi (dried overnight) Sanin is an excellent choice!

  • Feeling of the texture of the tightened body.
    Rich flavor condensed by drying overnight
    Salt adjustment of a gentle island advances food in the morning.

Morning friendly sweet miso soup

  • Please enjoy Shizumi taken at the famous Lake Shinji nationwide.
    Miso soup used abundantly.
    Please enjoy the taste of excellent nutrition.
    The miso soup that guttu condensed
    It infiltrates gently over the body of the awakening.

Dining Hall

  • The restaurant depends on the plan.
    Please choose according to your request.
  • Meal in Room

    Enjoy a relaxing meal in your room without hesitation.
  • restaurant(Meal in Private Room)

    Sazanka on the usage plan, it will be available at Sazanka, Kikyo, Ajisai and Mokuren.

    ※The venue may be changed.
  • Meal in Dining Hall

    Depending on the usage plan, it will be available at Maizuru, Orizuru and banquet halls.

    ※The venue may be changed.

Bespoke cuisine of the season

spring·Bespoke cuisine in summer(April to October)

  • ◆Savory! A bowl of hot pepper◆

    1,200 yen (excluding tax) / one dish with 2 pieces

    Chief chef will carefully select the fresh fish that will be purchased on the day.
  • ◆Sakai Minato Landing! White squid sashimi◆

    4,000 yen (tax not included) / one dish per cup

    Whether it's soft or fresh white is a standard in summer! Speaking of Sakai Minato.
  • ◆Deep-fried Miho Shrimp◆

    1,200 yen(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    If you have local ingredients such as Miho Shrimp in karari and fried chicken, you will want to combine them with beer.

autumn·Winter bespoke dish(November to March)

  • ◆Do not miss the crab flavor.Crab meat◆

    600 yen(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    Because it is the time of crabs, how about a rice cake tightened with a leisurely time.
  • ◆Cook with the crucifix.Crab short neck tailored◆

    ¥ 2000(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    When it's cold it is a pot! The soup stock from which the crab's delicious flavor appears is also excellent.
  • ◆After all Kore! Boiled crab figure◆

    ¥ 3,500(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    If you have this, enjoy the Sea of ​​Japan! With a figure of this sweet crab, if you put yourself out well, the rest is a bite!
  • ◆A fragrant scent drifts.Grilled crab◆

    1,500 yen(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    When you carefully overhear, the juicy body bulges and plumps.Please do not miss the food to eat.
  • ◆Sakai Minato Landing! Three types of active Matsuba Crab dish◆

    18,000 yen (excluding tax) / Cook a cup

    Brand proof, Tagged pine needle crab.You can enjoy crab original taste and pretty texture more than enough.

Bespoke cuisine for the whole year

Meat dishes

  • ◆After all meat! Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef) Tenderloin 120g◆

    3,000 yen(tax excluded))/ 1 servings

    120 g ~, please enjoy in the freshly baked in front of you juicy.
  • ◆After all meat! Tottori Prefecture's Wagyu (beef)'s pottery grill 80 g◆

    ¥ 2000(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    It is just a good amount for one person, so I want to eat a bit more! Please.
  • ◆Juicy! Daisen chicken, Fried chicken◆

    1,200 yen(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    Daisen chicken that is often lined up with restaurants in Tokyo due to its good meat quality. After all it is simple fried chicken ◎

Fish dishes

  • ◆5 kinds of Japanese seafood Fresh seafood from Sea of Japan platter◆

    ¥ 2000(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    Chief chef will carefully select the fresh fish that will be purchased on the day.
  • ◆The Japan Sea special product! blackthroat seaperch with salt, grilled◆

    ¥ 3,500(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    It is excellent to have seasoned blackthroat seaperch with sliced ​​salt grill.
  • ◆The Japan Sea special product! blackthroat seaperch, with boiled◆

    ¥ 3,500(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    When Amakaraku nickel, you can enjoy a taste not say even melts the fat with the blackthroat seaperch
  • ◆It's sweet and pretty! Assorted sweet shrimp◆

    1,500 yen (excluding tax) / 2 people to 1 dish for 3 people

    I am pretty, but you can have a pelor in the softness that unravels in your mouth.
  • ◆Classic dish! Coarse sea bream cooked, boiled down◆

    1,200 yen(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    Although the tightness is good with tightness, it is exquisite to unwind with a horror by thoroughly boiling.
  • ◆Assorted tempura of seafood and vegetables◆

    1,500 yen(tax excluded)/ 1 servings

    Although it is a standard tempura, food ingredients are provided by the chief chef on the purchase situation of the day.

Single dish

Savory egg custard500 yen(tax excluded)
Daisen Kurosoba (black buckwheat noodles) (cold·Warm)500 yen(tax excluded)
Mini udon (Child size)500 yen(tax excluded)
Soup rolled egg500 yen(tax excluded)
rice ball(2 months)300 yen(tax excluded)

Anniversary options

  • ◆On an anniversary or an important day! Original cake◆

    Many cakes that can only be ordered here, such as the cake of our character "Tsuru Chan", photo cake, etc. are prepared.
  • ◆Perfect for celebrations! bouquet·bouquet◆

    5,000 yen (tax excluded) / available according to your budget

    Deliver a surprise to those who are important.How about a gift bouquet?

    ※The picture becomes an image.
    ※The content will change according to your desired color, flower type, budget.Please describe colors, budget, etc. in the "Other requests etc." column at the time of reservation.