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4489 Okusa, Nakagawa Village, Kamiina County

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10 minutes by taxi from JR Ina-oshima Station / Iijima Station
Highway Bus Matsukawa IC Bus Stop / Iijima Bus Stop stop taxi 15 minutes

Pick-up available(Condition)
  • By car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    Enter the Chuo Expressway Meishin Expressway from Meishin Expressway.Exit Matsukawa IC and go straight.Doba signals turn left, Shimodaira enters the signal turn right after 150 meters to the left.200 meters west of Nakagawa Village Office.

    Access method 2: Tokyo
    Go out Chuo Expressway Komagane IC, turn right at Kitamachi signal, turn left at Nakagawa Junior High School entrance signal, go straight on Shimodaira signal and turn left 150 meters ahead.200 meters west of Nakagawa Village Office.

    Parking: Yes (Free)