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Meal menu

  • Menu using Kurin Pork

    What is Shinshu Kurin Pork?
    It is a brand pig raised in a rich natural Takagi Village, Shimoina County, Nagano Prefecture in Takagi Village, Shimoina County, Nagano Prefecture, Takagi Village, Shimoina County, Nagano Prefecture.
    By adding moss and 50% rice to the feed that is given at the final stage, the sweetness that is characteristic of fat is produced, so the meat can be tasted even when it is light.
    “Japanese Primrose so”, the village flower of Japanese Primrose mura, Japanese Primrose only in wetlands where natural and rich spring water Japanese Primrose.
    Because it was given water from the same source as the water in the wetland, it overlapped with the image of the place where it was raised and was named “Kurin Pork”.
  • Set meal menu

    【Other set meal menu】
    Cutlet set meal / Karaage set meal / ginger grilled set meal
  • Menu

    【Other food menu】
    Boiled Katsudon / Boiled Katsudon(small) /Sauce cutlet bowl (small)
  • Noodle menu

    【Other noodle menu】
    Hand-made Tempura Soba / Zaru Udon / Pork Noodles / Wild Vegetable Mushroom Soba / Tempura Soba / Tempura Udon
  • Other menu

    【Other menus other than the above】
    Beef curry / child Udon / Suzuran Soft-serve Ice Cream / Suzuran Soft-serve Ice Cream(small) /Honey soft serve / Parfait / Mini parfait