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  • Sightseeing・Experience

    • 【About 30 minutes by car from the inn】

      Mt Jinbagata

      From the top South Alps, Chuo Alps, until when the weather is good North Alps, in the under eyes you can enjoy and Inadani, the Inadani only of the landscape.

    • 【About 20 minutes by car from the inn】

      Koshibu Dam

      The first arch dam in the Chubu region.
      The beauty of the arch is reflected in the clear stream of the South Alps.
      There is Tenryu River Tours Tenryukyo Valley famous for "Tenryu River Tours" downstream.
    • 【About 5 minutes by car from the inn】

      Okusa Castle Ruins Park

      Kosaka book Castle which was guarded Imperial Prince Munenaga in the Northern and Southern Dynasties era.
      More than 10 kinds of cherry trees with different flowering periods are planted and you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long time.
    • 【About 30 minutes by car from the inn】

      Komagatake Ropeway

      Komagatake Ropeway with the highest altitude difference, built up to the Chuo Alps Senjojiki.
      7 minutes 30 seconds to another world on the cloud at once
    • 【About 90 minutes from the inn】

      Senjojiki Cirque

      When you get off the ropeway, the magnificent and beautiful scenery spreads out in front of you.
      The excitement that you can never taste in the lower world will be engraved in your heart for a long time.
    • 【About 60 minutes from the inn by car】

      Takato Castle Ruins Park

      Located in the foothills of the South Alps, 1,500 kohigan cherry trees bloom only in this area in spring.
    • 【About 20 minutes by car from the inn】

      Yomeishu Komagane Factory

      Tokyo Dome addition to the magnificent grounds for eight Tokyo Dome, you can visit and improve,
      Kenko no Mori, cafes and shops that can be enjoyed by the family.
    • 【About 40 minutes by car from the inn】

      Kantenpapa Garden

      On the 30,000 tsubo site, there are walking course where you can see flowers in the four seasons, lawn plazas and restaurants,
      There is a shop.
  • Season・Event

    • 【About 30 minutes by car from the inn】

      Tenryu River Boat Tours

      The Tenryu River, which attracts various expressions depending on the season, is packed with highlights throughout the year.
      From the boat down the Tenryu River, you can enjoy views of the Inadani Japan's original landscape remains.
    • 【About 25 minutes by car from the inn】

      Takagi Village Strawberry Picking

      Thirteen individual farmers and one agricultural corporation operate 20 strawberry picking orchards.
      Because most farmers are Eco Farmer Certification by Eco Farmer Certification, they are safe and secure.
    • 【About 15 minutes by car from the inn】

      Strawberry Picking Aqua Roman

      Cultivate strawberries using snowmelt from the Alps.
      From the beginning of January to the middle of June, the strawberry fruit that gives off a sweet scent will grow.
    • 【About 15 minutes by car from the inn】

      Nishihara Vineyard

      There are more than 10 types such as “Fujie” and “Pione” in the garden of about 4 ha.
      Over 7000 vines are planted.
    • 【About 43 minutes by car from the inn】

      Takato Cherry Blossom Festival

      About one month before and after the cherry blossom season, the event “Takato Cherry Blossom Festival” will be held during the event.
    • Kozenji Temple weeping cherry tree

      Tendai Sect Hoshakuzan Kozenji Temple is known as the only prayer Tendai Sect Hoshakuzan Kozenji Temple Minami Shinshu.
      About 70 weeping cherry trees are planted from the Niomon Gate to the Dai-kodo Hall (great lecture hall).
    • 【About 70 minutes by car from the inn】

      Tatsuno Firefly Festival

      In many years, Japan's largest firefly spot with over 10,000 Genji fireflies dancing a day.
      You will be impressed by the overwhelming number of fireflies.
    • 【About 60 minutes from the inn by car】

      Aka Soba (red buckwheat) Flower Field

      Tokyo Dome a vast field as large as the Tokyo Dome, red buckwheat flowers that are rare in Japan bloom brilliantly like a pink carpet.
    • Beautiful Heavenly Skies (Heavens Sonohara)

  • Gourmet・Free Gift

    • 【About 35 minutes by car from the inn】

      Hifumiya Manju Store

      A gentle flavored bun with a rich flavor of Hokkaido red beans and plenty of Okinawan brown sugar.
    • 【About 40 minutes by car from the inn】

      Sweets village, Iidajo

      The appearance in the shape of a castle is eye-catching.
      We continue to make local famous confections, including red rice buns introduced on TV.
    • 【About 30 minutes by car from the inn】

      Komagane Farms

      There are “Souvenir shop”, a direct sale of special products, “Suzuran House” such as Minami Shinshu Beer Taste Factory, Bread, Yogurt, etc., Agricultural Products Sales Office, and Tourist Information Center.