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Member's accommodation plan

Official homepage limited union members accommodation plan

National Federation of Mutual Aid Associations for Municipal Personnel,
For other national and local officials and their families (up to second degree)
You can stay at the membership fee.
*Please understand that the member fee is not applicable when making a reservation from the general page.

■Please present your usage card (membership card or health insurance card) at check-in.
■Please note that customers who do not show their usage certificate on the day of the event will be charged a general fee.

【About accommodation use subsidy ticket】
If you have an "accommodation subsidy ticket" that can be used at our hotel,
The face value of the usage grant ticket will be deducted from the price of the plan you reserved.
*Grant tickets for co-sleeping children cannot be used.

If you are going to use it, please make sure that our hotel is a designated accommodation facility where you can use a subsidy ticket,
Please fill out the required items and present it to the front desk upon check-in.
*Please check with the issuer's mutual aid association for the designated accommodations and deduction amount of the subsidy ticket.

List of accommodation plan for union members

The plan (accommodation fee) posted on the homepage is limited to the number of rooms,
We sell at even better rates than telephone reservations (membership rates).
Please understand that we do not accept phone calls.