Kaminoyama Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture (Kaminoyama Onsen) Fruit Mountain Azumaya Annex Fujiya Ryokan
【Official】Fujiya Ryokan(Fruit Mountain Azumaya)
It is the essence of "another home".

【Official】Fujiya Ryokan(Fruit Mountain Azumaya)

Yamagata Travel Discount Campaign

  • For customers who made a reservation on our website. . . . . .

    We have started accepting reservations for nationwide travel support.
    For reservations, please apply directly to each accommodation facility or travel agency after January 10th.
    For customers via other reservation sites, please contact each site.
    Even if you contact the hotel, we will not be able to respond.Please understand.

    Please obtain the coupon, print it out and hand it to the front desk on the day of check-in.
  • Yamagata Prefecture new corona countermeasure certification system acquired

    Yamagata Prefecture's new corona countermeasure certification standard is
    1. When entering the store
    2. Management of facilities and equipment
    3. Customer infection control measures
    4. Employee measures
    5. Measures when using karaoke
    6. We have received certification for more than 20 items, including measures for accommodation facilities.

    We will take measures against corona so that our customers can enjoy a safe and secure trip.
    Please come Kaminoyama Onsen, Yamagata with confidence.

cyclistwelcome.jp posted.

  • Cyclist support! You can browse the site by clicking the image

    It was posted on cyclistwelcome.jp.
    You can browse the site by clicking the image

    For cyclists, we have installed a washing machine dryer, such as an indoor rack, a cycle rack, and a simple maintenance kit (free of charge), although there is a charge.
    Why don't you start from Fujiya Ryokan?If you leave the next day, we are looking forward to your visit with a lot of benefits such as luggage storage and bathing service on your way home.

    You can stay in either the regular plan or the cycling plan (^^!

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Annex Fujiya Ryokan


3-8-34 Kawasaki, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata Prefecture

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10 minutes from Tohoku Chuo Expressway Kaminoyama IC
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