Kaminoyama Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture (Kaminoyama Onsen) Fruit Mountain Azumaya Annex Fujiya Ryokan
【Official】Fujiya Ryokan(Fruit Mountain Azumaya)
It is the essence of "another home".

【Official】Fujiya Ryokan(Fruit Mountain Azumaya)

!! To everyone planning a trip over Corona                            ~The cooperation of each one will protect everyone's enjoyable trip~

If you are planning to travel in Corona, please be sure to read "New Lifestyle".

1. When traveling, check the body temperature such as a thermometer every morning. If you have a fever or have a cold, follow the instructions from the public health center.Also, if you are using a smartphone, please use the contact confirmation app.

2. Please carry out "new travel etiquette" while traveling.
Please refrain from making loud calls by avoiding places and facilities where not only accommodation but also various situations occur while traveling.

3. At accommodation facilities, disinfection and temperature measurement at check-in, identity verification of travelers, thorough measures against three-cs at bathhouses and eating and drinking establishments, avoidance of three-cs at meals, etc.In addition, identity verification will be carried out for all customers, including accompanying persons, so please bring your driver's license and other documents.

4. If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher during temperature measurement, you should wait in the room etc. specified by each facility and ask the public health center for instructions.Be sure to follow the instructions of the employees of these accommodation facilities.

5. When carrying out a group tour, please enjoy an appropriate trip on the assumption that steady infection prevention measures will be taken.

Fujiya Ryokan bulletin board (^^! ~~~~~!

  • Yamagata Prefecture new corona countermeasure certification system acquired

    Yamagata Prefecture's new corona countermeasure certification standard is
    1. When entering the store
    2. Management of facilities and equipment
    3. Customer infection control measures
    4. Employee measures
    5. Measures when using karaoke
    6. We have received certification for more than 20 items, including measures for accommodation facilities.

    We will take measures against corona so that our customers can enjoy a safe and secure trip.
    Please come Kaminoyama Onsen, Yamagata with confidence.
  • Yamagata Winter Discount Campaign

    For residents of Yamagata, Miyagi, Akita, and Niigata prefectures.
    Accommodation discounts up to 5,000 yen + regional coupons of 2,000 yen are available.

    ▼Conditions of use
    (1) Those who have been vaccinated for 14 days or more since the second vaccination and can present their vaccination certificate (including vaccination record and vaccination certificate).
    (2) If you have not been vaccinated, you must be able to present a test result notification (including a negative certificate) issued 3 days or more before your stay in the case of PCR test or antigen quantitative test.
    In the case of an antigen qualitative test, those who can present a test result notification, etc., in which the test result by collecting the sample on the day before or on the day of stay is negative.
    ③Reservations can only be made by phone or from the official website.

cyclist,Big welcome! ‼ ‼

  • Cyclist support! Everyone ~~!  Do you like bicycles ~~~!

    Good news for cyclists!

    I have installed a cycle rack at Fujiya Ryokan
    You can store it with confidence even when you are staying at a hot spring for a day trip.
    Guests staying at the hotel can store it indoors, so there is no need to worry about rain, wind or theft!
    Furthermore, in the future, we plan to improve the laundry so that cyclists can spend more comfortably by renovating the laundry.
    If you have any opinions (such as if you have this, it would be convenient, or if you would like to do this), please let us know.

    Why don't you start your trip to Yamagata Fujiya Ryokan

    We also have a simple maintenance kit!
    *Lending at the front desk(Free of charge)

    A cyclist support plan also on sale☆

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