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Kamogawa Onsen

Kamogawa Hot Springs "Shiosai no Yu""Nagisa-no-yu"

At this facility, you can enjoy a private hot spring at the public bath called “Shiosai no Yu”
You can enjoy two types of hot springs with different spring qualities, the Satoyama hot spring "Nagisa-no-yu", which is newly drawn from the Kamogawa no Sato that you can enjoy in the rooftop hot spring pool and the new guest room.
  • Public bath "Awa Hakkei no Yu"

    “Awa Hakkei no Yu” is a place where you can relax and enjoy a unique bath surrounded by a Pine Forest.
    As the name suggests, there are eight types of baths scattered around, and it is an open-air bath surrounded by a Japanese garden and rocks.
    The baths include waterfall baths, sleeping baths, tub-shaped baths, box steam baths, far-infrared medium-temperature saunas, large indoor baths, and water baths in bottles.
  • Big bath"Shiraito no Bihada-Yu"

    At "Shiraito no Bihada-Yu", you can enjoy the natural atmosphere such as the sound of water and the Pine Forest, with the continuous flow of white thread-shaped waterfalls.
    The baths include a waterfall bath, a tub-shaped bath, a bottle bath, a large indoor bath, and a far-infrared medium-temperature sauna.
  • Private outdoor bath "Madoka-no-yu"

    It is a bath named "Madoka" in hopes of families' satisfaction.
    It is possible to reserve.

    【Charter rate】1100 yen(Tax included) ※From 00 minutes every hour for 45 minutes
    【Utilization time】6:00 to 10:00,From 12:00 to 23:00
  • Rooftop Hot Spring Pool"HARUKA"

    Located on the roof of Kamogawakan, you can enjoy magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.
    ※It may be closed at stormy weather and at the event.
    ※Please wear your own swimsuit or special clothing when using
     (Special clothing is available for men and women in adult and child sizes.)
    ※You will need your room card key to enter the changing room, so please bring it with you.
    ※There is a charge for group accommodation and day trips.

Information on hot springs

Utilization time

【Shiosai no Yu】~ 24: 00 / From 5:30 the next morning (from 6:00 from October to March) "Rooftop Hot Spring Pool" from 6:00 to 22:00(Closed from 10:00 to 14:30 due to maintenance on the last Thursday of every month)

Hot Spring Qualities

【Shiosai no Yu】Sodium-chloride fountain, Nagisa-no-yu Sulfur-containing chloride·Hydrogen carbonate cold mineral spring

Efficacy(Bath indication)

【Shiosai no Yu】General indications such as dry skin, xerostomia, frail children, chronic gynecology, nerve / muscle / arthralgia / coldness, health promotion etc.
【Nagisa-no-yu】General indications such as burns, chronic skin disease, frail children, chronic gynecology, diabetes, nerve / muscle / arthralgia / coldness, health promotion etc.