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Nature full of Minamiboso

Kamogawakan is Minamiboso, which is full of sunlight and rich nature.
Minamiboso is located in the southern part of Boso Peninsula and is surrounded by beautiful coastline.
Flower fields nurtured in an easy climate can be enjoyed throughout the year.
  • Popular spots

    • Kamogawa Sea World

      A marine park where you can meet shows such as killer whales and many marine life.Advance discount tickets are also available.The hotel's parking lot can be used both before check-in and after check-out.

      【Time required】3 minutes on foot
    • Mother Farm

      Ranch theme park which can play with cattle · sheep · ponies.
      Seasonal flowers are blooming and seasonal fruit picking is also enjoyable.

      【Time required】40 minutes by car
    • Tanjoji Temple·Tai no Ura

      Established in 1276 as the land where the Nichiren Syonin was born.
      The sea bream of "Tainoura" is a special natural treasure.

      【Time required】20 minutes by car
    • Seicho-ji Temple

      Nichiren Syonin training ground.There are also many cultural assets, such as the natural monument "Kiyosumi 1000-year-old cedar".
      In addition, the sunrise of asahigamori was selected as "100 sunrises in Japan".

      【Time required】30 minutes by car
    • Oyama Senmaita

      The Terraced Rice Fields, which was selected as “Best 100 Terraced Rice Fields in Japan"
      By accepting the trust owner system and experiential learning, the old-fashioned landscape is preserved.

      【Time required】35 minutes by car
    • Nokogiriyama Ropeway

      The scenery from the Nokogiriyama peak is a large panorama of 360 degrees.
      The scenery from the standing mountain wall can enjoy various faces every season.The total length of the ropeway is 680 m.

      【Time required】60 minutes by car
    • Uomizuka Observatory

      An observatory named after the fishermen watching the offspring of fish in the past.
      It is one of the best scenery spots in the city and you can see the beautiful coast, Kamogawa Matsushima, Kamogawa city.

      【Time required】15 minutes by car
  • Experience spot

    • Ceramic art experience

      Located in the mountainous part of the city, it is a workshop where you can experience ceramics such as paintings, hand swings and electric rooks in quiet nature.There is also a work sale.

      【Time required】35 minutes by car
    • Blown glass experience

      A glass workshop holding a furnace in the center of the city.Try making the original dishes of shape and color of yourself by blowing hot glass and turning it.There is also a work sale.

      【Time required】25 minutes by car
    • Ora Ga Don

      "Oraga" means "home" in dialect.Why do not you eat "bowls" of each store that used local fresh vegetables, seafood, meat etc?