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Privacy Policy

Handling of personal informationKamogawakan (hereinafter referred to as our inn) promises to comply with the laws of personal information protection in order to recognize the importance of customer's personal information and to protect the proper handling and information on business.
Acquisition of personal informationRegarding acquisition of information, we will gather information in the following manner.
·phone·Written·Business card·oral·questionnaire·Internet etc.
·Acquired from the person authorized by the customer authorized authority (applicant, introducer, travel agent etc.)
Purpose of using personal informationWe will share the acquired personal information with the group / each business office · business owner (store tenant) who has a store in the hotel, and use it for business in the management, in-facility operations, sales, advertisement etc.
Third party disclosure of personal informationWe will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless we decide below.
·If you have consent
·Those involved in work in the hotel (including employees and employees in temporary employment relationships and temporary employees / part) are required for work
·In cases where business contractors (cleaning companies, etc.), tenants, etc within the hotel need business
·In order to conduct statistical analysis, when using data processed so that you can not identify yourself from personal information
·When disclosure is required by laws and regulations such as inn
Disclosure of personal informationWe will strictly manage your personal information and prevent leakage, diversion, alteration etc. of information.
When there is a request such as addition, change, correction, deletion etc. of information from the person him / herself, we confirm that it is the person himself and will execute promptly.
Regarding accommodation ledger, we keep it for a suitable period in a strictly controlled storage cabinet, but because it becomes a huge amount, it is necessary for the lodging book to be necessary when it exceeds the storage capacity (about 10 years) In order to secure space, we may discard it without notifying the customer.
Change of handling contentsThe above content was created by the Personal Information Protection Act (No. 57) which came into effect on April 1, 2005, but it may be changed without prior notice due to other reasons such as revision or abolition of laws and regulations.