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The room

With the scent of the tide and the panorama of the blue sea.

  • You can choose from a variety of rooms, including newly built Japanese and Western rooms with semi-open-air hot spring baths, as well as rooms with Asian-style designs.
    You can see the sea view from the top of the Pine Forest or from between the Pine Forest.Some rooms have a view of Pine Forest.

Hospitality provided in the room

  • Rooms are where guests spend most of their stay.Extensive amenities are available.
  • Wi-Fi is available

    All rooms have free WiFi, so you can check information and public congestion on your smartphone.
  • Clean air

    Japanese style tatami mat has moisture conditioning and purifying action.
    In addition, all rooms are equipped with air purifiers, so you can spend your time comfortably.
  • Two keys for your free time

    We will prepare 2 card keys for free going out.
    Please bring your own card key and spend time without worrying about time.
  • Mizuya Cafe

    There is a "Mizuya" on each of the 4th to 8th floors that prepares drinks.
    Relax in your room with a delicious drink.
  • You can also enjoy hot springs in the rooms with semi-open-air baths.

    In the rooms with semi-open-air baths, hot spring water is pumped directly into the room.
    You can enjoy extravagant bathing more comfortably by opening a large window.

Guest Room Information

  • [NEW]Japanese + Western room with hot spring semi-open-air bath(Japanese-style room + TW bed)

    【Japanese + Western room where you can enjoy hot springs in your room】

    A new room renewed in April 2019.
    Enjoy bathing in the open-air hot spring bath while gazing out at the Pacific Ocean from your room on the upper floor, and rest in a spacious Made by Simmons bed.Two types of rooms with different tastes.

    ※The photo is an image of the view counter type.
Size58㎡(Japanese-style room + twin beds + semi-open-air bath)
Capacity5 people
Number of rooms5 rooms(7th floor)
BathSemi open-air bath(Hot Springs)
Bed size140 cm x 203 cm x 42 cm 2 units
  • Japanese-style Room with Open Air Bath

    【Only 4 corner rooms on each floor are open-air baths where you can feel the sea breeze.】

    Only 4 rooms on each floor.
    A spacious 27-square-meter Japanese-style room and a room with an open-air bath where you can overlook the Pacific Ocean while feeling the sea breeze.
    You can have a relaxing private time.
Size71 m²(27 square meters)
Capacity5 people
Number of rooms4 rooms(Corner room on the 4th to 7th floors)
BathHinoki open-air bath
  • Japanese-Western style room(Corner Room)

    【Relax in the Japanese-style room, take a rest in the bed, Japanese + Western-style room】

    This room is a combination of a 23 square meter Japanese-style room and a twin bed room.

    Relaxing in a Japanese style room like a ryokan, sleeping space that promises a peaceful rest for those wishing to take a rest on a bed.Please enjoy a refreshing awakening with the rising sun the next morning.
Size61㎡ (18 sqm + twin beds)
Capacity6 people
Number of rooms4 rooms(5th floor - 8th floor)
BathHinoki cypress bath
Bed size113cm x 193cm x 46cm 2 units
  • Designer Room

    【Only 3 rooms, Japanese modern room】

    Only 1 room on each floor, 3 rooms in total.A room with a modern Japanese atmosphere that combines Japanese and Asian tastes.

    ※This room has a slight step in the bed and kotatsu salon.
    ※We recommend up to 3 people, including children.
Size32 m²(Kotatsu salon + twin bed)
Capacity3 people
Number of rooms3 rooms(6th-8th floor)
Bed size110 cm x 195 cm x 17 cm 2 units
  • Twin bed room

    【Only 3 rooms, twin bedroom】

    Only 1 room on each floor and 3 rooms in total.
    A compact room where you can rest on a large bed.

    ※This room has only a shower room.(There is no indoor bath.)
Size25 m2
Capacity2 people
Number of rooms3 rooms(1 room each on the 6th to 8th floors)
BathShower room only (There is no bath)
  • Japanese style room

    【With cypress indoor bath Reasonable Japanese-style room】

    A Japanese-style room of 23 square meters.
    Enjoy a moment of watching the scenery while soaking in the cypress indoor bath by the window.
Size48㎡(23 square meters)
Capacity5 people
Number of rooms4 rooms(5th floor - 8th floor)
BathHinoki cypress bath
Check in Check out14: 30(Last check-in 20: 00)/11:00
Guest Room EquipmentI grass mat,All rooms · digital · BS compatible TV,Warm water washing toilet,Air purifier with humidification function
AmenitiesRefrigerator,Shampoo,Hair conditioner,Body wash,Hair dryer,Toothbrush,Bath towel,Hand towel,Comb,Shaver,Skin lotion,Milky lotion
  • Tokufuku room(tokuhukushistu)

    【1 room only, special room】

    Corner room on top floor.A special new guest room with only one room where you can become one with Pacific Ocean
    A room with large windows and a semi-open-air hot spring bath with a spectacular view of Pacific Ocean, and a steam sauna.Enjoy a good night's sleep on the generously sized Made by Simmons bed.
Size83m2(Japanese style room + twin bed + semi open-air bath + steam sauna)
Capacity4 people
Number of rooms1 room(8th Floor)
BathSemi open-air bath(Hot Springs)
Bed size140cm×203cm×42cm・2 units
※For 3-4 people, the daybed (width 200cm x length 200cm x height 60cm) will be used as a double bed.
  • 【NEW】Japanese-style + Western-style room with indoor terrace[4th floor]

    【A Japanese-Western style room with a relaxing pine green atmosphere】

    New rooms renovated in June 2024.
    Relax on the indoor terrace seating, surrounded by the lush greenery of pine trees.Warm up in the bath with water poured over your shoulders, and when it's time to sleep, relax in the Made by Simmons Hollywood twin low bed.(The view from the room is of Pine Forest, and there is no sea view from the room.)
Size56㎡(Indoor terrace + Twin room + Japanese-style room + Air-blow bath)
capacity4 people
Number of Rooms6 rooms(4th floor)
BusIndoor bath
Bed size120cm×200cm×25cm×2 units(Hollywood Twin Low Bed)