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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About shipment of luggage(Advance shipment to the hotel)

    Please contact us in advance and we will keep your luggage until check-in except valuables, food and dangerous goods.Please be sure to fill Continue reading
  • Can I stay with my child?

    Of course you can stay.
    We hope you can choose this fun trip for your family.
    Free for preschoolers
    Bed sharing with elementary school studeContinue reading
  • Can I have a room next to my friend or family member?

    Hotel room assignments are made the night before.
    If you contact us in advance, we will respond as much as possible, but please understand tContinue reading
  • Is it possible to wait for cancellation if the desired lodging date is full?

    The hotel does not accept waitlists for cancellations.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we request that you contact the hotel for conContinue reading
  • Do you have an extra bed?

    Rooms where an extra bed (sofa bed) can be provided at this facility are
    ・Japanese Standard(For 2 people)
    ・Japanese Twin Room(For 3 people)
    Continue reading
  • Can I watch DVDs in my room?

    There is a rental Blu-ray player (playback only) at the front desk.
    (The deck is for playback only and the number is limited.)
    If you have aContinue reading
  • Do you have a large public bath and sauna?

    I am sorry.We do not have it.
    At Shijo Omiya group hotel, there is a bathhouse that can only be used by Urbain Hotels Members.
  • Do you have a mobile charger?

    You can rent it at the front desk of this facility.
    However, the number is limited, so please be aware of this when renting.
    Depending on thContinue reading
  • Can I bring free drinks into my room?

    Unfortunately, free drinks are only available in the 2nd floor guest lounge.
    Please refrain from bringing it into your room.
  • Do you have an ice machine?

    Sorry, we do not have an ice machine, but we can give you ice in an ice bucket at the front desk, so please ask the front desk if you need iContinue reading
  • Do you have a rental cycle?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer this facility.
    There is a bicycle shop called "Gojo Cycle" just across the Gojo Ohashi Bridge, so we are hereContinue reading
  • Are the charges different for internet reservation and telephone reservation?

    The room rate will change depending on the date and the number of available rooms.
    Some of our hotel accommodation plan are only available oContinue reading
  • Do you have cribs available or rentals?

    I am sorry.
    Please note that our hotel does not provide baby cots.
  • Is dinner provided at the hotel?

    Unfortunately, the hotel only offers breakfast.
    For dinner, we are pleased to inform you that "Bamboo Kiyomizu Gojo" on the 1st floor is a pContinue reading
  • Can I set up a wake-up call?

    Yes, you can set it up by phone in your room.
  • What if I can't change the Internet reservation conditions?

    In some cases, we will be able to assist you if you contact us by phone.
    Some plan with conditions such as early reservation may not be chanContinue reading
  • What happens to the receipt when I am staying with points?

    We will issue a receipt for the amount you deducted points from the accommodation charge you used.
    Please note that the point usage details Continue reading
  • Please tell me the contents of the free breakfast.

    We have a Japanese and Western buffet,
    It is a buffet style.
    Every morning from 6:30 am to 10:00 am.
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?

    Check-in is available from 15:00.Check out is at 11:00.
  • Is it possible to store luggage before check-in?

    Yes, certainly.Please feel free to drop in at the front desk.
  • Is it possible to store luggage after check-out?

    Yes, we do.If you want to pick it up during the day, it doesn't matter what time it is, so please ask at the front desk.
  • When can I make a reservation earlier?

    We accept reservations from around 6 months before the date of stay.
  • If I forget something, can it be mailed to me?

    Yes, we accept cash on delivery.
  • Does the hotel have a parking lot?

    I am sorry.
    We do not have a parking lot.

    At the front desk, you will be given a coin parking map of the neighborhood.
    Please drop in beforContinue reading
  • During continuous stay Is it okay to leave luggage?

    Yes, it is okay to leave it while you are out.We will clean the luggage as it is.Be sure to bring your valuables with you.
  • Is it possible to extend the check-out time?

    Yes, available.There is an extension fee of 1000 yen per hour.The time can be extended up to 14:00.Please understand in advance.
  • Can I send a courier?

    We accept it in Yu-Pack.Advance payment, cash on delivery, date designation and time designation are possible.If you wish, please feel free Continue reading
  • Can I have my luggage checked in?

    Yes.We can keep your luggage before check-in or after check-out.
    We also accept parcel deliveries in advance.
    In that case, please fill in tContinue reading
  • Can I use an outside line from my guest room?

    Unfortunately, the telephones in the guest rooms of this facility can only be reached by extension.
    Please understand that we cannot contactContinue reading
  • Can I use a credit card?

    We accept various credit cards such as JCB, Visa, and MASTER.


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