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Seaside restaurant and inn, Masaemon(Masaemon)
Welcome to the gourmet 's inn "Masaemon"!


Rich seafood in Minamiboso.

We will carefully withdraw the original umami it has, and make it one by one with a little time and effort.
While relaxing and relaxing, please enjoy dishes boasted of Masaemon archeology.

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Seaside restaurant and inn, Masaemon(Masaemon)


497 Kotto, Chikura Town, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture

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JR Chikura Station, take Route 410 toward Shirahama 4 km, 150 meters from Kotto Shoggako-Mae Bus Stop

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Cooking Information

  • Aoi Festival course

    ●Local fish sashimi, Boshu(Please)Sashimi shrimp
    ●Seafood pot
    ●Fried food
    ●Simmered dishes
    ●Vinegared dish
    ●Hand made dessert

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