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  2. "Kitchen-knife ceremony"

"Kitchen-knife ceremony"

Chikura Town where there is a cooking god

  • Takabe Jinja, which sits in the Takabe Shrine mountain foot of Chikura Town, serves as a temple for the birth of the god of cooking.
    We are gathering faith from cooking officials, brewers such as miso sauce.
    “Kitchen-knife ceremony” has been held as one of the palace events of Takabe Shrine.
    It is a solemn ceremony of cooking carp, red snapper, bonito, etc. without touching it.
    An old-style work and its kitchen knife are skilled skills.
    In the old days, a cook who performed a Kitchen-knife ceremony was called a formal chef and was treated as a special case among cooks.
    The hotel owner is also involved in the Kitchen-knife ceremony as a hochoshi.

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    October 17, 2018
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