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Surrounding tourist facilities

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    We gathered information on neighboring tourist facilities, recommended places, information sites etc.Please visit.
    • Mother Farm

      A sightseeing ranch that you can interact with rich nature while enjoying the proximity from the city center, you can enjoy it from children to adults.
    • Tateyama Family Park

      Picking flowers, making original herb goods, putting golf, park golf, fishing, etc.Leisure facility where all the family can enjoy all day.
    • strawberrypot

      Cute miscellaneous goods & cafe with collectibles such as fireking and Pyrex.
    • Rosemary Park

      A park that can enjoy the scent of herbs and various flowers every season, the atmosphere of medieval Britain.
    • Aloha Garden Tateyama

      The largest animal and botanical garden in Chiba Prefecture! It has a sister affiliation with the National Botanical Gardens of Singapore and is marked by Merlion.
    • Kamogawa Seaworld

      An aquarium opened in October 1970 with the concept of "encountering the world of the sea".
    • Roadside Station Tomiura Biwa Kurabu

      Guide you through the various information of Minamiboso as Minamiboso of land operator.

      Glass workshop in Chikura Town surrounded by the sea and greenery of Minamiboso. I am producing freely shaped instruments with blown glass.
    • Shiokaze Okoku

      Taste, relax, deep breath of the heart.This is the country where people and the ocean meet.
    • Takabe Shrine

      Kuroshio wash in front of the Pacific Ocean.Takabe Shrine that festivals the goddess of Japan's only dish and seats the sea.
    • (One company)Minamiboso City Tourism Association

      Tourist information on Minamiboso City, please go here.

      Run in Minamiboso while feeling the wind! You can experience driving with a cart with a great sense of openness while gazing at the scenery of the sea, fields, and satoyama!
    • Roadside Station Hota Elementary School

      Renewal of "Municipal Hota Elementary School", which ended in 2014 and ended the role as a school.
      It is a roadside station that opened in December 2015.
      Number of items to sell special products Good regional No. 1 direct sales place etc. are popular.
    • Roadside Station Furari Tomiyama

      It is a spot where you can enjoy not only local seafood and agricultural products, but also local gourmet and charm.
      It is also a highway bus stop.
    • Road Station Wadaura WA O!

      Spot where you can "eat", "take out in the town", "encounter and discover" with the theme of "Ebisu whale".
      Restaurants with local menus including whale dishes,
      There is a direct sales place where local special products are available.
    • Minamiboso Iitokodori

      It is a tourist information page to convey the charm of Minamiboso.
    • Roadside Station Miyoshi Village Hina-no-sato

      It is a roadside station in the countryside.
      You can also experience strange experiences such as agricultural harvest experience.
    • (One company)Minamiboso Health Lab

      It is an organization that aims to provide unlimited energy to heal and revitalize the minds and bodies of local residents and visitors by combining the organic and the new attractiveness of Minamiboso.