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  2. Introduction of facilities

Introduction of facilities

We will introduce our facilities.Feel the atmosphere of your room, bath, banquet hall, etc.

View from the room

  • We also have rooms with a view of the sea.
    Apart from daily hustle and bustle, relax and unwind while watching the ocean.


  • The center is a spacious 15m2 Japanese-style room.
    All 9 rooms with washbasin and toilet(8 rooms),Ensuite Bathroom and Toilet(1 room)
    ※All rooms have WASHLET
    All are air-conditioned and equipped with TV.


  • The bath that puts in while watching the sky and green is reputed to let you forget the crowds of the city for a while.
    Men's and women's baths:1 each(You can take a bath for 24 hours, and men and women change depending on the time.)
    Private Bath:You can take a bath only from 8:30 to 9:30 PM.Limited to 4 groups, 30 minutes.
    Please contact us when using.We will give priority to those who require nursing care.Please understand.


  • Yukata, bath towels, face towels and toothbrushes will be provided for guests.
    Hair dryer in each room, shampoo, conditioner, face wash foam and body soap in the bathroom.
    1F bathroom & washroom amenities

Banquet Hall

  • Banquet Hall:55 square meters(Capacity:40 people)
    Small banquet hall:31 square meters(Capacity:20 people)
    ※Communication karaoke equipment

Exterior appearance

  • The hotel is built alongside the main building built over 200 years ago by the predecessor who was a net.
    In the garden, a powerful scarlet growing as old as 250 years old grows.