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  • Welcome to the gourmet inn "Masaemon"!
    Please spend a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    The gourmet fellowship "Masaemon" is an accommodation for gourmet customers who are operating as families.
    The owner of the hotel, who also participates in the “Kitchen-knife ceremony”, works on its own cooking, so it is possible to provide high quality food at reasonable rates.

Please eat your meal centered on seafood

  • The meal, with a focus on seafood "Standard course, Taste course, Iso Festival course, "big catch course, we offer four course
    Local fish sashimi such as sea bream, flounder, sea bream and spicy barbecue, Boshu Shrimp sweet and transparent plump (Japanese Spiny Lobster), and abalone · · ·And so on.
    Both are menus where you can fully enjoy the fresh seafood fried from the sea of Chikura
    In addition to the course, we can also prepare various single dishes, so please feel free to contact us.

A well-rounded service is the concept

  • The hotel is a small cooking place on the beach with the concept of attentive service as the concept.
    Seasonal fresh seafood, mountains.Carefully withdraw the taste that the original ingredient has,
    One dish all-purpose goods, carefully made cuisine and iso cuisine served fantastic.
    Please relax and relax while enjoying a delicious drink.

Chikura Town where there is a cooking god

  • Takabe Jinja, which sits in the Takabe Shrine mountain foot of Chikura Town, serves as a temple for the birth of the god of cooking.
    It is gaining faith from people involved in cooking and brewers such as miso soy sauce.
    “Kitchen-knife ceremony” has been held as one of the palace events of Takabe Shrine.
    It is a solemn old formula that cooks carp, red snapper, bonito, etc. without touching it.
    The old-fashioned behavior and its kitchen knife handling are skillful techniques.
    In the old days, a cook who performed a Kitchen-knife ceremony was called a formal chef and was treated as a special case among cooks.
    The hotel owner is also involved in the Kitchen-knife ceremony as a hochoshi.

    【2018 schedule】
    May 17, 2018
    October 17, 2018
    November 23, 2018

Seafood at the tip of the Boso Peninsula, Yamanofi, Beautiful Hana no Machi Chikura Town

  • Chikura Town, a town located at the tip of the Boso Peninsula. Facing the Pacific Ocean, this town is famous for its flowering fields blooming from autumn to spring in winter and spring.
    Various flowers, such as poppies and rape blossoms, color the seaside road.That sight makes me feel like a fantasy as if I got lost in a dream country.
    You can also enjoy swimming in the summer and autumn leaves in the fall.
    With the influence of the Kuroshio, with the temperate climate through the four seasons, you can enjoy both seafood and mountaineering.It may be said that it is, as it were, an ideal area.
    There is a gourmet accommodation "Masaemon" near the blue sea of Chikura Town.

Various banquets can also be used

  • Various banquets are also accepted at "Masaemon".Some local customers, as well as customers who can use from a distance.Please use it in various scenes, such as year-end party, New Year's party, welcome reception party.
    We will prepare according to budget etc, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
    In addition, we are waiting for you with a variety of drinks such as local sake, wine, and shochu from all over the country to match your dishes.

To eat a hearty dishes made with fresh local seafood to the Seaside restaurant and inn Masaemon

All the staff will wait from the bottom of my heart.