To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, all staff will thoroughly perform hygiene, temperature measurement, health check, wearing a mask.
Please cooperate with our customers in measuring temperature, disinfecting hands, and limiting the number of people in the bath wearing masks.
At check-in, we ask all customers to confirm their ID and fill in the lodging book according to the instructions of the Japan Tourism Agency.
Welcome to the Seaside restaurant and inn"Masaemon"


Minamiboso rich seafood.

We will carefully withdraw the original umami it has, and make it one by one with a little time and effort.
While relaxing and relaxing, please enjoy dishes boasted of Masaemon archeology.

This inn is eligible for a 35% discount on the GOTO campaign and a coupon common to all regions.

  • Request to prevent the spread of corona infection associated with the GoTo campaign

    ·Thorough cleaning and alcohol disinfection inside this facility
    ·All guests are required to show their ID and fill in the lodging book at check-in.
    ·Hand disinfection at check-in
    ·Body temperature measurement at check-in
    ·We install an acrylic board at the front desk and recommend check-in in your room.
    ·Please wear a mask and cooperate with ventilation in this facility.
    ·Alcohol is installed in each common space.
    ·In order to avoid the three crowds in the bath, we limit the number of people in the bath and reserve the time zone.
    ·We thoroughly disinfect employees with alcohol.
    ·Employees wear masks and, in some cases, face shield disposable gloves.
    ·Employees measure the temperature twice daily

Get GOTO Travel Campaign Coupon after booking※If you are unsure, please call the facility.

  • Click here to get a GOTO Travel Campaign coupon after completing a reservation from this site

    If you are using the GOTO Travel Campaign with a maximum discount of 35%, please be sure to issue a coupon after completing your reservation and registering as a member at STEYNAVI.The campaign does not apply just by making a reservation.After issuing the coupon, please print out the issued coupon screen and bring it with you, or save the image of your smartphone and bring it with you on the day. ※When issuing the coupon, please search for the facility name in "Seaside restaurant and inn Masaemon". ※Those who have made reservations from other sites such as the Jalan site will not be eligible even if you complete the procedure from Stay Navi.
    GOTO regional common coupon will be issued at check-in on the day


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497 Kotto, Chikura Town, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture

Telephone number



JR Chikura Station, take Route 410 toward Shirahama 4 km, 150 meters from Kotto Shoggako-Mae Bus Stop

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Cooking Information

  • Aoi Festival course

    ●Local fish sashimi, Boshu(Please)Sashimi shrimp
    ●Seafood pot
    ●Fried food
    ●Simmered dishes
    ●Vinegared dish
    ●Hand made dessert

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0470-44-4071 FAX 0470-44-0139