Welcome to Seagull, a relaxing inn where you can stay with your dog

On July 9, 1999, we opened "Inn where you can stay with your dog".
Aiming to be an inn where you can spend a comfortable time with your pet dog and an inn where the owner is healed, we have walked so far with the help of many guests.
 I want to go on a trip with my dog, but I'm worried because it's my first time ... There may be some concerns, but please feel free to come to "Seagull".
 Friendly staff are always waiting for you.

Prevention of spread of coronavirus infection

  • About prevention of spread of coronavirus infection in this facility

    At this facility, we measure the temperature at check-in, fill out a questionnaire, and take measures to prevent infection by alcohol disinfection.
    In addition, please be sure to wear a mask and disinfect with alcohol in the common space in this facility.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Shizuoka Genki Journey has begun.

  • Shizuoka Genki Journey

    Shizuoka Genki Journey has started.
    From May 6th to May 31st
    Discount of up to 5,000 yen per person per night! + Regional coupon is 2000 yen included!

    Target area
    Shizuoka Prefecture,Yamanashi Prefecture,Nagano Prefecture,Kanagawa Prefecture,Niigata Prefecture,Toyama Prefecture,Ishikawa Prefecture,Fukui prefecture,Aichi prefecture,Everyone in Gifu Prefecture

    *For more details, please open the title Shizuoka Genki Journey.

Dog facility

  • Dog amenities

    Adhesive roller
    Toilet wipes(1 sheet)
    Hair dryer
    Free cage rental(Reservation required)
  • Etiquette corner

    Isn't it a rough idea to worry about when traveling with your dog?

    Don't worry!
    Etiquette corners have been set up at key points within this facility!
    It is safe even in case of rough phase.
  • Good friend hook

    There are hooks to connect dogs to the pillars of the cafeteria / lounge and the legs of the table.
    Now you can rest assured that you will be with your dog while eating!
    You can relax and enjoy your meal, so you can have a conversation with your family and owners.
    It is a "good friend hook" where everyone can get along well.
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Casual InnSeagull


521 Nishina, Nishi Izu Town, Kamo County

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5 minutes to the south in the Tomei Numazu IC Izu Jukan Expressway via National Route 136 drive from the tourist resort Dogashima

Free parking available
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