Welcome to Seagull, a relaxing inn, where you can stay with your dog.

On July 9, 1999, we opened the "Accommodation with my dog."
Aiming for an accommodation where you can have a pleasant time with your dog, aiming for an accommodation where your owner is healed, we have been walking this far as we have helped many customers.
 I want to go on a trip with my dog, but it's my first time to worry ... , Etc., you may worry, please, please take a moment to come to "Seagull".
 Friendly staff will be waiting for you at any time.

Dog facility

  • Dog · Amenity

    Adhesive roller
    Toilet seat(1 sheet)
    Cage free rental(Reservation required)
  • Etiquette corner

    I do not care about trips with my dog, even if I say "coarse".

    Do not worry!
    Establish etiquette corner at major points in the facility!
    I am safe also in the emergency coarse phase.
  • A good friend hook

    There are hooks connecting the dogs to the pillars of the dining room / lounge and the legs of the table.
    Now you can stay with your dog while eating!
    Because you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed feeling, you will have a conversation with your family and owners.
    It is "friend hook" everyone can become friends.
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521 Nishina, Nishi Izu Town, Kamo County

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Tomei Numazu IC, Izu Jukan Expressway via, National Route 136, a 5-minute drive south from the tourist destination Dogashima

Free Parking, Present
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