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Izu souvenirs

Nishiizu specialty products &Seagull original goods

■Dried fish / Amakusa 100g 400g(Tax included)

  • Nishiizu's specialty is Tokoro Ten.
    Amakusa is the raw material.
    Tokoroten is a specialty of Seagull that is served every morning for breakfast.
    The Amakusa we sell is also taken by Seagull staff while diving in the sea of Nishiizu.
    Amakusa was made by washing the seaweed brought back from the sea and making it into dried fish.
    Dogashima is the number one producer of high quality Amakusa in Izu.

    How to make Tokoro heaven is surprisingly easy.
    The point is, while boiling, keep stirring until the pot does not burn.
    Is that a little time consuming tokoro?

    【How to make】
    Wash Amakusa well with water.
    Prepare 4 liters of water for 100 grams of Amakusa.
    Add 1 teaspoon vinegar,
    Stew for 40 to 50 minutes until Amakusa becomes muddy.
    Squeeze the broth tightly with a cloth, put the strained soup in a container, chill and solidify the "Tokoroten".

■Dried fish, hijiki Contents 40g 500 yen(Tax included)

  • This is also hijiki staff of Seagull has been taken from the local sea.
    A dish with plenty of nutrition from Suruga Bay.
    The hijiki boiled at this facility is the standard Seagull breakfast.
    Enjoy the taste of Izu at home.

■18 pieces dried mackerel set 2800 yen(Tax included)

  • Very popular! It is a dried fish of horse mackerel.
    It is a souvenir from Izu, which is the most popular in Seagull.
    It's a set of 18 pieces, so it's perfect as a souvenir for your friends.
    This is a dried horse mackerel that customers enjoy every morning at breakfast.
    It's hard to find dried fish of this size even at local supermarkets.
    The price is cheaper than the supermarket and it is a recommended souvenir.
    How about skirting your neighbors?

    Please ask the staff to place an order.
    We can also arrange delivery by courier.
    (In that case, additional shipping fee will be charged)

■Seagull original T-shirt S size M size L size and others 2500 yen(Tax included)

  • An original T-shirt with a Seagull logo printed on the back of the dog.
    The staff is also wearing it.
    They are sold at the souvenir corner in front of the front desk on the first floor.
    Please contact the staff for color and size.

    *Colors, sizes, etc. may be cut off.Please understand.


  • We also sell special products from Izu, "dog goods" and "snacks" made by locals, and seasonal recommended products.