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Souvenirs of Izu

Nishiizu special product &Seagull original goods

■Dried fish·Amakusa, Contents amount 100 g 400 yen(tax included)

  • If it is said that it is a specialty of Nishiizu, it will be Tokoro heaven.
    Amakusa is the raw material.
    Kota (Tokoroten) is a dish boasted by Seagull which is served for breakfast every morning.
    The Amakusa that I sell is also taken by Seagull's staff in the sea of Nishiizu.
    It is Amakusa made by washing seaweed brought back from the sea, making it dried fish, and so on.
    Dogashima has doubled the number one production of Amakusa of Izu.

    How to make TOCORO Tian is surprisingly simple.
    The point is to keep stirring all the time so that the saucepan will not scorch while boiling.
    Is it a tokoro that takes a little time and effort?

    【How to make】
    I am going to wash Amakusa well.
    Prepare 4 liters of water for Amakusa 100 grams.
    Add a teaspoon of vinegar,
    Boil it for about 40 minutes to 50 minutes until Amakusa becomes muddy.
    Stir the broth juice firmly with a cloth width, put the squeezed juice in a container, chill and solidify "tocotrotene" is completed.

■Dried fish·Hijiki, Contents 40 g 500 yen (tax included)

  • This is the hijiki which Seagull staff has taken from the local sea.
    An item that contains plenty of Suruga Bay nutrition.
    Boiled hijiki at the hotel is standard for Seagull's breakfast.
    Even at home, please enjoy the taste of Izu.

■Asian dried fish, 18 sheets set 2800 yen(tax included)

  • Very popular! It is a dried fish of horse mackerel.
    It is a souvenir of Izu popular NO · 1 even in Seagull.
    Because it is 18 pieces set, it is perfect for your souvenir.
    This is dried horse mackerel which the customer has eaten every morning at breakfast.
    Even local supermarkets, it is hard to see dried fish of this size.
    The price is also cheaper than the supermarket, it is a souvenir of recommendation.
    How is it at differentiation to everyone in the neighborhood?

    Please ask the staff for ordering
    We can arrange delivery by Takkyubin.
    (In that case, shipping fee will be charged separately)

■Seagull · Original T-shirt, S size M size L size Other etc., 2500 Yen(tax included)

  • The original T - shirt printed the cute Seagull's logo behind the dog.
    Staff are also wearing.
    We sell at the souvenir corner in front of the front desk on the first floor.
    Please contact the staff for colors, sizes and so on.

    ※Color, size, etc. may be out. Please understand.


  • Special products of Izu, "dog goods" and "snacks" made by locals, and various seasonal recommended items are also on sale at any time.