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Dog facility

A lot of facilities for dogs!

There are lots of facilities for dogs such as dog runs, shampoo table!
I am aiming to create a space where I can comfortably stay with a dog.
I am Seagull's sign board, Maiya of Toy Poodle!
                     Nice to meet you!
  • Dog · Amenity

    Adhesive roller
    Toilet seat(1 sheet)
    Cage free rental(Reservation required)
  • Etiquette corner

    I do not care about trips with my dog, even if I say "coarse".

    Do not worry!
    Establish etiquette corner at major points in the facility!
    I am safe also in the emergency coarse phase.
  • A good friend hook

    There are hooks connecting the dogs to the pillars of the dining room / lounge and the legs of the table.
    Now you can stay with your dog while eating!
    Because you can enjoy your meal in a relaxed feeling, you will have a conversation with your family and owners.
    It is "friend hook" everyone can become friends.
  • Cage rental

    At the hotel, you can rest your dog at ease on the bed.
    We have free rental of cages (large, medium, small) for dogs that cages sleep with peace of mind.
    Since size and number are limited, please consult us as soon as possible.
  • For dogs:Dice steak

    It is a little rich dog beef dice steak.
    Order is OK even on the day of stay!

    ¥ 630(tax included)

    Izu mountain caught a fresh deer meat (Deer meat) We also sell.
    This is a boiled venison.
    Healthy meat is very popular with dogs.
    Here also OK at the time of arrival OK!

    700 yen(tax included)
  • Dog run: Play with pleasant fun!

    Dog run with big covered wood deck.
    Please enjoy yourself with your family while watching the running dog under the sky.
    Because the lights will light at night, you can use it even after dinner.
  • Ohama Beach: 4 minutes on foot from Seagull!

    It is a beach at 4 minutes on foot.
    Because summer does not get crowded, dogs can enjoy swimming at leisure as well.
    Since the estuary is also near, you can enjoy the river even if the dog is not good at the sea.
    Ohama Coast is perfect for walking throughout the year.
    The sunset overlooking from here is a magnificent view too!
    ※The picture on the upper right was taken at the "Okamahama Coast" located about 3 minutes by car from Seagull.

    "Anjo Cape Fureai Park"

    Departing Seagull on foot, taking a walk with Wan-chan while watching Ohama Coast on your left. Ohama passing the Ohama Coast and walking for about two more minutes there is a town management "Anjo Cape Fureai Park".
    It is a perfect park for those who want to take a walk with their dogs with a lawn walking path, footbath and so on.
    In addition, this park leads to a walking course of a full-fledged mountain road which can go around the cape of Anseong Cape. Because there are many boardwalks, up downs, it is quite hard. It is around 2 hours a week. Even in summer, it is recommended to wear long pants with long pants. Why do not you try challenging once dogs who love exercise.
  • Dog shampoo stand

    After having played a lot in the sea and the mountains, it is refreshing with a hot shower.
    In the courtyard, we have a shampoo table with hot dog shower only for dogs.

    Shampoo for dogs, hair dryer, bath towel and foot towel are also available. Please, please use it freely.
  • Dog's foot wash area

    This is a foot wash for dogs in front of Seagull's front door.
    Please feel free to use it.
    In the courtyard, we prepare towels for foot dogs etc for dogs.
    Please enjoy the nature of Nishi-izu.

    Next to the dog's foot washroom, there is a dog run of 70 tsubo.
    Please also use here freely.