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With a dog

Spots that can go with dogs

  • Sightseeing · Playing

    Introduction of dogs and sightseeing spots!
     ※For details, please contact each facility directly.
  • Beach & Snorkeling

    Enjoy dogs and the sea of Izu!
    • ■Ohama Beach

      A beach with a 4-minute walk from Seagull.
      It is the mouth of the river so you can swim with both the sea and the river.
      A large parking lot is free even in summer.
    • ■Omihama Beach

      Popular sandy beach near Dogashima.It is 5 minutes by car.
    • ■Tago Seahama coast

      It is a beach suitable for snorkeling.10 minutes by car.
    • Iwaki beach

      It is a recommended beach with white sand beaches and rocky sites.15 minutes by car.
  • Dog run

    Introduction of a dog run where a dog can play with full responsibility.
  • Meal

    Introduction of shops where you can eat with your dog.
    • ■Fisherman Cafe, Dogashima cafeteria

      You can enjoy seafood using fresh ingredients captured locally while watching the sea of Dogashima.
      As there is a dog space on the first floor, guests with dogs can also relax with dogs.

      〒 410 - 3514
      Shizuoka Prefecture Nishina, Nishiizu Town, Kamo County 2045-3

      Opening hours: 11: 00-15: 30(Last Order 15: 30)
      Closed holiday: Thursday (with fixed time off), Parking lot: 16 units
    • ■Italian restaurant Salute

      It is an Italian restaurant stuck to local ingredients and homemade.
      In the daytime, you can dine with pets on the terrace seat.
      (Please contact the restaurant directly for details)

      170 - 9 Naga Matsuzaki cho Kamo-gun Shizuoka prefecture 410 - 3600
      TEL 0558-43-0885
    • ■Bar Kama Aina

      The appearance of the sea cucumber wall, but the inside of the shop is a tropical mood in which music of Hawaii flows.
      The signboard dog Ip - chan will also welcome you.

      Shimoda-shi Shizuoka prefecture 415-0023 3-1 chome 13-1
      TEL 0558-27-1580
    • ■RISECAFE - Rise Cafe -

      A small stylish cafe located just a minute's walk from Seagull.
      If basic discipline is done, the inside of the store is also OK.Please tell the store clerk once.

      521 Nishina, Nishi Izu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3514 521 Nishina, Nishi Izu Town, Kamo County 35
      TEL 0558-52-1120
      FAX 0558-53-0052
      Regular holiday, Tuesday·Sundays
    • ■SPICE DOG

      If it is a terrace seat it is OK for a dog.
      Please check with the store clerk for entering the store.It is 50 minutes by car.

      1535-1 Yoshimi Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture 415-0028
      TEL 0558-23-2845
    • ■Sunny Side

      A view with a nice view on the beach side.Terrace · In-store dog OK.
      Pizza, pasta, curry etc.It is 50 minutes by car.

      1909 Yoshisami Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture 415-0028
      TEL 0558-23-0192
    • ■South CAFE

      Inside the store where the atmosphere of calm California drifts.
      A super size menu such as hamburger steak and pasta.
      There is also a terrace seat, so please check with the store clerk for entering the store.It is 50 minutes by car.

      Closed regular holidays on Thursday / Opening: 12 o'clock to 24 o'clock

      Shimoda-shi Shizuoka prefecture 415-0028 Yoshimi 918-2
      TEL 0558-25-5015
  • Main events of Izu

    Introducing the events of Nishi-izu.
    • ■Shimoda · Nunikizaki Narcissus Festival

      Late December to the end of January (50 minutes by car)
    • ■Inatori Huls Festival

      Late January to the end of March (90 minutes by car)
    • ■Kawazu Zakura Festival

      Early February - mid March (60 minutes by car)
    • ■Minami Izu River Cherry Blossom Festival

      Early February - mid March (50 minutes by car)
    • ■Flower field using Matsuzaki · rice field

      Early March to mid May (10 minutes by car)
    • ■Nishi-izu machi · sunset

      In Nishi-izu cho declaring Japan's best sunset, you can enjoy the sunset throughout the city throughout the year.
      It is especially recommended for the season from October to March.
      ※There are times when you can not see it depending on the weather etc.