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Izu’s Japanese Kaiseki Set Meal with Izu’s mountain delicacies products and Seafood of the Suruga Bay with the concept of local production for local consumption

  • Dinner

    One day dinner 
        *The content of the dishes changes depending on the season.

    Funamori is a special order.
    Usually, 5 pieces of sashimi are lined up one by one.
  • Breakfast:Super size from the morning!

    Breakfast is full of fresh Izu food!
    The hijiki, wakame, tokoroten,
    Only natural additives such as dried plums.
  • Children's food

    Children's dishes are also available.
    Izu mini-sized Kaiseki set meal with generous portions.
    The content changes depending on the day.
  • For dogs:Dice steak

    ■For doggy:Beef dice steak
    A little rich dice steak for dogs.

     630 yen(Tax included)

    Fresh and healthy deer meat from the Izu Mountains.

     700 yen(Tax included)

    In either case, you can order at the restaurant on the day of your stay!
  • sake

    The owner who loves shochu has various bottles.
    Drink juice and draft beer in the tropical courtyard, even when not at dinner
    You can enjoy the feeling of resort.