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Izu’s Japanese Kaiseki Set Meal using Izu’s mountain delicacies and Izu’s mountain delicacies the Seafood of the Suruga Bay with the concept of local production for local consumption

  • Dinner

    Dinner of one day
        ※The contents of the dish will change according to the season.

    Funamori is a special order.
    Normally, sashimi of five points are arranged per dish, one dish.
  • Breakfast: Super size from morning!

    Fresh breakfast of fresh Izu is full!
    Hijiki · Wakame · Tokoroten·
    Umeboshi etc, only natural items without additives.
  • Cooking for children

    Cooking for children can also be prepared.
    Izu mini-sized Kaiseki set meal with generous portions.
    The contents change depending on the day.
  • For dogs:Dice steak

    ■For dogs:Cow dice steak
    It is a dice roll steak for a bit rich dog.

     ¥ 630(tax included)

    It is fresh and healthy deer meat that has been caught in Izu of the mountain.

     700 yen(tax included)

    Either way, your order at the restaurant on the day of your stay OK!
  • sake

    Owner who likes shochu offers various bottles.
    Even outside dinner, drink juice and draft beer in a tropical-style courtyard
    You can enjoy the resort feeling.