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Reservation of accommodation

  • To apply online reservation from HP and display the plan list under sale please click "Reservation Reservation" on the upper right.

    In addition, you can apply by phone, fax or email.

    TEL: 0558-52-0082
    FAX: 0558-52-0818

    E-MAIL: seagull@j-chikuma.co.jp

    Reservation reception time: 7 o'clock from 22, ※We are closed on holidays.
    closing day: We do business without holiday in high season such as every Wednesday / New Year, Golden Week, summer.

    ※Even if it is indicated that it is fully occupied by the charge calendar on the Internet, it may be when the room is vacant.
    For reservations in a hurry, for reservations on the day, please contact us directly.

    ※Customers wanting a quadruple room, please contact us directly by phone or e-mail.
    Even if you call us directly, such as the type of room, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Please understand.

    ※If you can not apply for 4 or 5 people, please apply in the form of 2 rooms for 2 people or 2 people (twin) + 3 people (triple). In that case, please indicate in the remarks column that you are a group.
    If you are unsure, please contact us by phone.

Price list

A rank(Standard)1 Night/ 2 Meals: 13,000 yen / no meals: ¥ 7,000 / B & B: 8,500 yen / no breakfast: 11,800 yen / 2 nights 3 meals: 17,900 yen
Rank B1 Night/ 2 Meals: 13,800 yen / no meals: 7,500 yen / B & B: 9,000 yen / no breakfast: 12,500 yen / 2 meals 3 nights: 19,000 yen
Rank C1 Night/ 2 Meals: 14,800 yen / no meals: 8,000 yen / B & B: 9,250 yen / no breakfast: 13,550 yen
D rank1 Night/ 2 Meals: 15,800 yen / no meals: 8,500 yen / B & B: 9,750 yen / no breakfast: 14,550 yen
Customers traveling alone            ※Customers traveling alone will be charged the above price plus 10%, please understand
★NotificationsThis rate is a new rate from June 1st.
  • ※All of the above are prices per adult, including tax.
Only Room/ No Meals IncludedMeal: No, Check in 3:00 p.m. / Check out 10:00 a.m
B&BMeal: 1 breakfast, Check in 3:00 p.m., / Check out at 10:00 p.m.
1 Night/ 2 Meals(Standard Course)Meal: Dinner once for breakfast, Check in 3:00 p.m. / Check out 10:00 a.m.
Only overnight dinner onlyMeal: Dinner once, Check in 3:00 p.m., / Check out 10:00 a.m.
2 Nights/ 3 MealsMeal: Dinner once with breakfast twice, Check in time 8:00 p.m / 10: 00 am

What is a 2 night 3 meal plan?
 The 1st item is checked in after 20:00 without meals.Please leave to relax after finishing your work.
 On the second day, we had breakfast and left for sightseeing.Please enjoy the Izu Peninsula leisurely. Dinner in Seagull at night.
 On the morning of the third day, eat breakfast, it is 10: 00 a.m. It is plan to relax at checkout.

 We are taking a day off such as the day before holiday · high season etc.
 ※There is no room cleaning
Dog stayMeals: none, check in / check out / simultaneous with owner
  Charge:1,500 yen(tax included)

※The dog's accommodation fee for three meals for two nights is 2,000 yen (tax included).

Children fee

  • 【Elementary school-aged children】    90% of adult rate from 11,700 yen(Bedding + regular dishes included)

    【Infant / preschool child】
    Bedding Yes+Childcare, 70% of adult fee, From 9,100 yen
    No bedding+Childcare, From 5,500 yen
    Bedding Yes+Without Meals, From 3,570 yen
    No bedding+Without Meals, 1,760 yen (As facility usage fee)
                 ※For details, please contact the facility directly.

Special period

  • Holiday rates are consecutive days before the holidays, consecutive holidays, the end of the year, the New Year, Obon, Golden Week, summer season, etc.

cancellation charge

  • On the day of arrival·...·100% of the accommodation fee
    The previous day·...·50% of the room charge
    2 days ago to 5 days ago · · ·10% of room charge
  • Room rate