"The most beautiful village in Japan" alliance Nakagawa Village, Kamiina-gun, Nagano

Accommodation Features

  • Shop Local product sales

    In addition to souvenirs such as popular sweets and honey, local products from Nakagawa Village, and vegetables sold directly from farmers.
    We sell handmade pretty accessories.
  • Banquet Hall

    In Bougakusou has a large banquet hall, we also accept various banquet.
    Please use it for a comfort party and a New Year's party.

    163 square meters can accommodate about 100 people (3 divisions possible)
  • Hachi (bee) Museum

    History and that has been the bees of a child with food as a source of protein for a long time in Inadani, is a fruit tree pollination work in bees dominating or the bees and the human relations is a deep area of a specialty.
    Bougakusou Hachi (bee) Museum is set up at the Hachi (bee) Museum main facility, which introduces the world's largest beehive, bee ecology, and human relationships.

    Admission fee
    300 yen for elementary school students and above

    Opening hours
    9 am to 5 pm

    closing day
    Irregular holidays
    (Pursuant to Bougakusou * Top page business days please refer to the calendar)
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4489 Okusa, Nakagawa Village, Kamiina County

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10 minutes by taxi from JR Ina-oshima Station / Iijima Station
Highway Bus Matsukawa IC Bus Stop / Iijima Bus Stop stop taxi 15 minutes

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